Western Bluebirds in West Texas

There are plenty of Eastern Bluebirds around west Texas.  However, there is another bluebird  that is not seen very often here, and that is the Western Bluebird, (Sialia mexicana).  Yesterday I was lucky enough to see about a half dozen of them in a small local park area.  Besides that, I was also fortunate to be able to get my vehicle close enough for these pictures.

Western Bluebird

Western Bluebird

Western Bluebird

Western Bluebird

Now compare these with the image below of an Eastern Bluebird, (Sialia sialis).  The blue covers the entire head and chin of the Western, whereas on the Eastern the blue stops just below the beak.  The Western belly is more grayish, in contrast to the bright white belly of the Eastern.

Eastern Bluebird

Eastern Bluebird

The Eastern is found pretty much in the entire United States west of the Rockies.  You can see the Western usually in very far West Texas, New Mexico, Arizona and the Pacific coast.  Here in San Angelo, we are about 300 miles east of their usual range.  Enjoy the images and click in any of them to see an enlargement.

26 thoughts on “Western Bluebirds in West Texas

  1. I love bluebirds, especially in person. I am grateful, Bob for you pointing out the difference, for despite being observant of the small details, I would have missed the obvious like how much of the head is covered.Great shots.

  2. Bluebirds are so pretty especially this time of year. Your photos are great. I saw my first Mountain Bluebird day before yesterday and I may go put up a bluebird feeder. Weather is warm and sunny, but snow on the way after midnight so am enjoying while I can. Love your posts.

  3. Love… I mean Bluebirds has always been my favourite birds – and until you show the both Eastern and Western I didn’t know this before today – Thank you for sharing

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