Off to Wimberley, New birds are calling…….

Good Morning.  We are off to Wimberley, Texas today.  We will be back Friday hopefully with some new photos of some birds that are new to us.  We will visit Hornsby Bend Bird Observatory in Austin, and hopefully, Mitchell Lake Audubon Center in San Antonio.  Until then, everyone have a great week!!!

19 thoughts on “Off to Wimberley, New birds are calling…….

  1. Hopefully you can read this, Bob. Mitchell Lake is only open Saturdays and Sundays unless you call ahead and they happen to be there. If you are in town, give me a call…

    • We didn’t make the attempt to go to Mitchell Lake, so now I am glad we didn’t. Also another e-mailed me to warn me that Hornsby Bend was closed. We went to the blinds at Pedernales Falls State Park. (Twice). Had a wonderful time. Great blinds there. Thanks for writing, Jim.

  2. Bob, I don’t know if you’ll get this in time (I don’t have your e-mail at work), but it looks like Hornsby is closed for awhile:

    NOTICE: Work began Monday, March 4th to break open burning compost and yard waste piles and fully extinguish the fires in the Hornsby Bend storage basins. Given the high fire danger and the risk of fire spreading on the Hornsby Bend site during this operation, Austin Water has closed all of the Hornsby Bend site for at least this week March 4-10. The Platt Lane entrance is now closed to the public. We will let you know as soon as it is open again. We anticipate main entrance and pond area to be closed at least all of March as remediation work continues for several weeks.

  3. Have a fun time. Looking forward to photos of birds from the area. Looks like great weather for your “Spring Break” so don’t do anything silly! hugs

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