Happy Blue Heron Parents

This morning early, I drove downtown to where the Concho River flows through the Santa Fe Park.  Along the bank of the river is a dead tree that hangs out over the water.  There are two Great Blue Heron nests near the top.  At least one of them has a new-born in it.  Since they are about 20 feet above me in elevation, it is difficult to actually see into them.  The skies were overcast and cloudy, and the lighting was excellent.  No harsh shadows to worry about.  The adults were coming and going, but I got this shot of both of them, plus the head of the tiny chick sticking up a bit.  I was about twenty feet away from the base of the tree, and up a small slope.

A happy family of Great Blue Herons.

A happy family of Great Blue Herons.

I hope you enjoyed the shot.  Click on it to see an enlargement.

32 thoughts on “Happy Blue Heron Parents

  1. Fluffy chick heads just make my day! Nesting birds are hard to capture from the ground. You managed a superb shot under those conditions. A regular birding Houdini.

  2. Beautiful photos, as usual Bob! We had a pair of eagles steal a nest in a local rookery here. There are baby eaglets, and the herons have been returning the last couple weeks. It will be interesting to see what happens!

  3. Hi bob: I was there too on Friday, and they were feeding it. The other nest on that tree, she was sitting on eggs. It was a beautiful day and I was rewarded for coming from midland with some great shots. I also went to another park where I met u and ur wife last year. There I photographed a beautiful scissor tail fly catcher and a yellow fronted woodpecker. Plan to come down again in a few weeks to get pics of hat holdings. Annette M

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  4. Oh just excellent!! The parents are beautiful and the chick is just checking the world out! Knowing how much you love these birds, I would say this is a winner winner chicken dinner! hugs

  5. I am sorry I missed that shot. I finally did get my Fed Ex issue resolved. They said they delivered a package to us at !:47 pm. We were here and that did not happen. All they could say was the driver delivered my package. They finally came up with the idea that he may have delivered it to the wrong address. I think we already knew this. They started checking and found out someone had called Fed Ex ground. They finally let me know he had delivered it to 5522 Woodbine and could I go pick it up. I finally got my package at 12:30 pm. I hated to cancel but they were determined they had not made a mistake and I felt I had to challenge that myself rather than pass it of to Melba. I hope you had fun today.

    I did get my bird checklist updated and I downloaded ibirds south to my phone. the ibirds program is interesting. I’ll show you the next time I see you.

    Take care, John

    • I actually got that shot after I went to the clinic for my shot. After talking to you we went northeast of town and found some excellent birding spots. We’ll pass on the info at dinner Thursday.

  6. I believe you out did yourself with this shot. Absolutely beautiful. I went down to the pond today, but not much out and about..I think everything is hunkered down with the cold wind and snow flurries. Love the photo..I agree,Spring is special..

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