Green Herons have arrived…..

The Green Herons have been arriving in the San Angelo, Texas area for their annual summer stay.  On Friday, while I spent most of the time photographing those Great Horned Owls, I did spot a Green Heron sitting on a dead tree branch overhanging the river at Spring Creek Park.

The Green Heron, (Butorides virescens), is relatively small as herons go.  They are only about 19 inches tall.  These photos are of an adult with breeding plumage.

I was amazed at how I was able to get close to him.  Of course, he was pretty intent on staring at the water in search of some tasty morsel.  I got the following two shots of him there.  Click on any of the seven photos to see some incredible enlargements.

Green Heron

Green Heron

Green Heron

Green Heron

On Saturday morning we drove downtown to check out the Great Blue Heron nests along the Concho River.  Although we observed three chicks on those nests, the conditions weren’t good for usable photos.  I will be back there in a few days.  However we did see another Green Heron along the opposite bank doing a little fishing.  Here are the results of his endeavors.

On the hunt......

On the hunt……

I see you.......

I see you…….

dive! dive! dive!......

dive! dive! dive!……

Gotcha!!  Two for one.....

Gotcha!! Two for one…..

Okay, my belly's full.  Now where is that eagle I am supposed to rassle??

Okay, my belly’s full. Now where is that eagle I am supposed to rassle??

I hope you enjoyed the photos.  I would enjoy reading comments from any of you.