Parliament of Owls……Still in session

I have been informed that a large group of owls is called a “parliament of owls”.  Of course, I should have looked it up, or Googled, and found that out for myself.  However, I am glad the my readers brought me up to date on that.  So, again, parliament is still in session, minus a few that decided to go home to their constituents.

As you remember, in a previous post I and Ann had seen a startling total of eight owls and owlets at Spring Creek Park.  We went back Monday morning to see how many were still there.  We counted one adult and three owlets in the original tree.  In the second tree there were none.

For these photos, I again set my Canon EOS 7D with a 1.4 teleconverter on my Manfrotto tripod.  I also use a sturdy Wimberley gimbal tripod head.  With the combined weight of my lens and camera being about 15 pounds, I really need dependable support.

The lighting was very bad this particular day.  A very bright, sunny, mostly cloudless day.  A typical west Texas day.  It made for bright highlights and harsh shadows.  However, I managed to get a few acceptable photos whenever a stray cloud covered the sun.  I am particularly proud of this photo of one owlet.

A young Great Horned Owl

Hoooooo are you looking at??

This one turned out pretty decent, too.

Young Great Horned Owl

Young Great Horned Owl

In the one below, you can see how I tried to adjust those harsh lighting problems that I mentioned above.

Young Great Horned Owl

Young Great Horned Owl

This Bullock’s Oriole, (Icterus bullockii), was in a nearby tree witnessing the proceedings.

Bullock's Oriole

Bullock’s Oriole

Again, click on any of the photos to see some enlargements.  Thank you for reading.

24 thoughts on “Parliament of Owls……Still in session

  1. The nice thing is that I got curious and ended up “googling” what groups of birds are called, so I learned something.Great capture of the oriole-I find it hard to render so the colour shows as it looks in real life.The owls and oriole are a treat, thanks.

  2. If you like the collective name for owls, you might enjoy the compilation, “An Exultation of Larks,” by James Lipton. A delightful collection of collective names.

    Good photos; thanks for sharing.

    • Thank you so much, Dave. That’s one of the nicest things I’ve heard today. :-). Actually, I love everyone’s compliments. They are what keeps me going. 🙂

  3. Parliament of Owls is quite appropriate as they always referred to as the wise old Great the top one…had the surgery today and actually I can see better tonight without the specs..yeah!! 7:00 am came early to be at the headed for a good nights rest and see what tomorrow brings in nature and painting..The colors in the Bullock Oriole are certainly spectacular…

  4. Glad your out there having fun. We are both a little tired. Its hard to use the old brain when its been in storage so long. Learning lots of new stuff. I hoping the owls will still be t


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