Going to the Big Bend again

Monday morning we are heading back to our favorite place, the Big Bend area of west Texas.  This time we are hoping to get in on the spring migration if we are not too late.  A couple of weeks ago we attempted the trip but returned after one day because of some health issues.  Now we are feeling up to snuff again.  We will be staying at the Gage Hotel in Marathon on Monday night.  Then Tuesday, Wednesday, and Thursday we will be at the Far-Flung Casitas in Study Butte.

Here are a few photos that I managed to get this week between the cold spells that were coming and going the past few days.

Ash-throated Flycatcher

Ash-throated Flycatcher

juvenile Black-crowned Night Heron

juvenile Black-crowned Night Heron

young Great Horned Owls

young Great Horned Owls

Great Blue Heron with young

Great Blue Heron with young

Enjoy the photos and click on any of them to see enlargements.  I’ll be back with a new post next weekend.  You can also follow me on Facebook.

19 thoughts on “Going to the Big Bend again

  1. Beautiful birds, Bob, as usual. We are getting some spring migrants back. Unfortunately some came too soon and we are hearing reports of some freezing to death 😦

    What do you use for keeping track of sightings? I have been birding for a couple years, but still not officially “keeping track”. I have the Audubon app for my phone which helps me identify and I could keep track on that if I wanted. Just holding out on that I guess, was just wanting an opinion.

    Thanks, Bob!

  2. Hi there Bobster!! 😉 You and Ann have a fabulous trip! We’ll be thinking of ya and look forward to seeing your wonderful photos! – Hugs, the Tennessee Tortilla

    • Hey Debster, thanks for commenting. We’ll definitely be thinking of you, as we always do when we visit there. You and us always have great memories of our time there. Hope to have new pics next week. Hugs, back at ya. 🙂

  3. This time should work out great for you. Enjoy everything about the trip and be prepared to show us all the photos you got. The GBH with young above is stunning! Thanks for posting and have a wonderful trip. hugs

  4. have fun..we are going to Sedona Arizona the second week of June..they have a great bird sanctuary there..so am excited about the trip. Love the photos..the Ash-throated Flycatcher is a new for me..and the other photos are so great…Is this the same Heron you shot earlier? and I agree, it looks like the Parliament of Owls are still in session…

  5. My compliments. You certainly take an excellent photograph. They’re nice and crisp. I really appreciate the fact that you stated the bird’s names. That’s way up there in my book.

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