Birding Twin Buttes Reservoir

Much has been said in my post about our birding at Spring Creek and Middle Concho Parks.  Most of my recent photos have been taken at one or both of these areas.  Such as the Great Blue Heron and Great Egret, both of which I took yesterday.

Great Egret - Spring Creek Park, San Angelo, Texas

Great Egret – Spring Creek Park, San Angelo, Texas

Great Blue Heron - Middle Concho Park

Great Blue Heron – Middle Concho Park, San Angelo, Texas

But another area that we have pretty much neglected to bird, is an area at Twin Buttes Reservoir.  This lake, with one of the longest earthern dams in the country, was built in the early ’60s as a flood control project.  As with most of the local lakes around here, it has almost dried up during our drought.  However, with a thunderstorm a couple of days ago, there are a few puddles of standing water.  Such is what we found when we decided to drive out there after spending time at the above mentioned parks.

It was hot by the time we got there, but this one spot among a dozen mesquite trees felt like a little oasis.  There was a low area about 50 feet long by about 15 feet wide filled with muddy water that hadn’t soaked into the ground yet.  There were numerous small birds flitting between the trees and the water.

Bullock's Oriole on mesquite branch.

Bullock’s Oriole on mesquite branch.

Western Kingbird on mesquite branch.

Western Kingbird on mesquite branch.

Blue Grosbeak - female - thinking about taking a bath.

Blue Grosbeak – female – thinking about taking a bath.

Greater Roadrunner - cooling off

Greater Roadrunner – cooling off

Besides the above birds, we also saw a Painted Bunting take a quick splash in the water, but was gone before I could get the camera to my eye.  We also spotted an Orchard Oriole on a nearby high wire.

This is the kind of birding that I really enjoy.  To find a nice birdy spot like this, sit and watch from our blind, a.k.a. our car.  The fun is not knowing what you are going to see.  We will be going back very soon, before the water dries up.

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14 thoughts on “Birding Twin Buttes Reservoir

  1. I can almost feel the heat from your photos – it must be getting quite warm in Texas! Love the pic of the egret – gorgeous white plumage. Is it shading its eye from the sun, or from the reflections in the water?

    • We did have a couple of record-breaking hot days, but things are a bit better now. Back into the low 90s which isn’t bad with our very low humidity. I guess the egret is probably shading from the sun, which was bright, and and almost directly overhead. Not the best time for photographs, but the egrets don’t watch the clock. 🙂

  2. Perhaps you will laugh, but I’ve thought since today that a Roadrunner is like an Ostrich, I mean I have thought it’s a big bird.
    Yes, this comes from watching when I was a kid ‘Wile E. Coyote and The Road Runner’, those cartoon characters from Looney Tunes. 😀

    I always enjoy your photos. 🙂

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