Blustery day images……

It is nice to have rain here in west Texas, but I would love to have it in larger amounts.  I know that sounds selfish, but these little sprinkles we have today, along with the cool temps and blustery winds, don’t do much to ease our drought.  We need some big gully-washers.

Heron chicks on nest.

Great Blue Heron chicks on nest.

Nevertheless, I did get out a little today.  First I stopped at the Shannon Clinic to get an innoculation, then while downtown, checked on the young ones on the Great Blue Heron nest.  The chicks are getting larger, but staying near the nest so they are available so their mother, pictured atop a nearby branch, can bring them their daily meals.

adult Great Blue Heron

adult Great Blue Heron

From there we decided to check in at San Angelo State Park and see if there had been any recent run-off into the lake.  Surprisingly, there was an acre or two of very, very shallow water.  Well, it’s a start.  But most likely it will evaporate before we get another measurable rain on the watershed.

Common Nighthawk

Common Nighthawk

While driving around the park we saw our first roosting Common Nighthawk of the year.  We had seen several in flight a few days ago, when they were feeding on the flying insects in the evening.  We also saw this Curve-billed Thrasher nearby in a tree.  I just love the fierce look that these guys always have.

Curve-billed Thrasher

Curve-billed Thrasher

Since the weather was seemingly getting a little more inclement, we decided to head for the house.  Click on any image to see some enlargements.

14 thoughts on “Blustery day images……

  1. Great photos Bob. Thanks for posting the shot of the nighthawk. Since I was a little boy I have always liked the bird. I think part of it is the name. Nighthawk is just a cool name! The trasher does look fierce!

    • Thanks, for your comment, Dave. I’ve been trying to photograph one in flight. Nearly impossible without me falling on my butt. They are very fast, but I’ll keep trying. 🙂

  2. Love the heron chicks! Saw my first tri-color yesterday in full breeding plumage. How beautiful he was — let me watch him preen his feathers a good long while over lunch.

  3. as always the Herons are marvelous..but I agree with you the Curved bill Thrasher has an aggressive pose …the Night Hawks are interesting birds to say the least. We are having a blustery cold day here in Colorado, windy, but no rain. It snowed on Wolf Creek Pass this morning..Springtime in the Rockys..have a great day…

  4. Great pictures! I was at the state park last year and saw a note someone had left at the overlook that said “Pray for rain”. I did but I guess it hasn’t helped.

    • Thanks for stopping by, Walktx. I remember that note. We did get a little rain later, but as things happen around here, it dried up again. It just wasn’t enough. But we stay patient.

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