New Toy – the Leica V-Lux 4

Several months ago, on a whim, I purchased a Leica V-Lux 4.  I had read about it, thinking that it would be a great little light-weight camera for hiking and vacation fun pictures.  I used it very little, until we decided to take a few days off for a weekend trip to Fredricksburg.  It is a little more than a point and shoot.  It has 12MP, 25-600 equivalent zoom lens, f2.8 aperture, fast auto focus, and an easy to see viewfinder, plus a bunch of other great features.  I am still playing with it and what fun it is.  There are many shooting modes, including built-in HDR, 3D, Panoramic, among others.

On our little trip to Fredricksburg, I used it exclusively.  Here are some sample shots.

World War II B-25 Bomber - Nimitz Museum, Fredricksburg, Texas

World War II B-25 Bomber – Nimitz Museum, Fredricksburg, Texas. 1/15 sec at f2.8. ISO 1600. Hand held, No flash

Field of Flags, Nimitz Museum Compound.  1/200 sec @ f4.  ISO 160

Field of Flags, Nimitz Museum Compound. 1/200 sec @ f4. ISO 160

My best friend, Shannon, goofing off with yours truly.  1/250 sec @ f4,  ISO 100.

My best friend,click Shannon, goofing off with yours truly. 1/250 sec @ f4, ISO 100.

On Friday morning, I decided to take out into the field for some wildlife images., for comparison.  Here is a distant shot of a Great Blue Heron, approximately 250 yards away.  Top photo with my Canon EOS 7D and 100-400mm lens at full length.  The bottom photo with the Leica V-Lux 4, at it’s 600mm extent.

Great Blue Heron - Canon 100-400mm lens at 400mm.

Great Blue Heron – Canon 100-400mm lens at 400mm.

Great Blue Heron - Leica V-Lux 4 at 600mm.

Great Blue Heron – Leica V-Lux 4 at 600mm equivalent. Hand-held.

There was a noticeable lack of birds to photograph, but we did see these White-tailed Deer fawns.

White-tailedd Deer - fawn

White-tailed Deer – fawn – 1/500 sec. @ f2.8 – ISO 320

White-tailed Deer - fawn

White-tailed Deer – fawn – 1/80 sec. @ f2.8 – ISO 125

What I liked most was the light weight of the camera, and the fact it was easy to hand hold for those long range tele-shots.  For birders that want something a bit better than the ordinary point-and-shoot, this the answer.  For a complete overview of this amazing camera, click on the link in the first sentence of this post.  Also, click on any image to see some enlargements.


33 thoughts on “New Toy – the Leica V-Lux 4

  1. Nice to know it wasn’t all play and no work! That Leica is some camera. We had identical shots — you with Leica, me with Olympus — and the Leica clearly was the winner in low light. The detectable blur handheld by my (unsteady) hubby taking the photo took points from mine, but my camera IS seven years old. I’m glad I was able to “steal” yours for my post!

    Thanks, too, for the permission on the boots photo. I’ve posted it with mine and it goes nicely. It’s very Texas, if not Tweeties. I would hate for it not to have been used — one of my favs.

    Next cross country (a/k/a within Texas) meet will be in Big Bend Country. I think our hearts are both in that park. God help us with four kids in tow…

    • I’m still on Cloud Nine from that weekend. It was too short! I would have spent another day at least in the Nimitz museum. That place is breathtaking 🙂

    • Yes, we had a lot of fun with our cameras, Shannon. I didn’t mind you using those photos for your posts. I think we just had a combination of efforts to have shots for each of us. I’ll definitely be looking forward to the Big Bend adventure. 🙂

  2. Oooo…awww……Oh! Now that is a new toy for sure! Great zoom. Glad you can give your arms a rest now and then. Congratulations! Enjoyed the variety of this post and it was nice to see you and Shannon together. Say, we got rain! Hope you got some, too. hugs

    • Thanks for your comment, Beth. Shannon means a lot to both Ann and I. She is a wonderful lady. We did get one and a quarter inch Monday. This morning, Tuesday, it is raining hard again.

  3. Thanks for the info on this camera! Already looked it up as I am in the market for something a step up from my point and shoot. Thanks especially for the comparison shots of the heron – the new Canon EOS was one of the cameras on my list of possibilities. Love those shots of the fawns! And it was great seeing a picture of you as well!

    • Thanks for the comment. Just for the record, the Canon EOS system is my main camera/s. The Leica is just something I bought for the times I don’t want to carry a heavy load when hiking. I doesn’t replace the top-end quality of the EOS. P.S. Glad you liked the pic of me. 🙂

  4. Nice camera! Ha Ha, I am sure the photographer is good too. It is amazing how much you can zoom in-I imagine with all those features they cost a pretty penny but I am intrigued. Love the quality and the photos of the fawn.

  5. Loved the nice variety in this post, Bob. The photos were, as usual, sharp and beautiful. But the B-25 Mitchell was my favorite. I’ve been in love with that plane since, as a boy, I got to see one up close after it made an emergency landing on the grass runway of our little home town airport.

    • Thanks, Dwynn. As you know, I am in love with all of those old warbirds. You would love to see the show that the Commemorative (formerly Confederate) Air Force puts on. Those old planes are in the air all day.

  6. Wow, superb photos and we can definitely tell the difference with the Leica in the heron shots. Colin doesn’t need any convincing about Leica cameras anyway! But he has way too many Nikons already. This hasn’t stopped him from looking it up online! PS Deer shots are gorgeous, and it’s nice to see a pic of you, Bob! 🙂

    • Thank you so much, Jo. I agree nice pics for a little compact. I have too many Canons, too. In fact, I don’t know if I mentioned it, but Canon has another new one coming out, the 70D in September. I pre-ordered one, can you believe it? Colin and I are so much alike. 🙂 I appreciate that you like my pic also. Usually, my ears look to big. 🙂

  7. Neat shots Bob! These new compact cameras are pretty darn amazing! There are so many options and brands available these days, making a decision on which to purchase can be a daunting task LOL. Just when I decide on the compact for me…a new version or something even better comes along.

    • I agree with you. It is hard to keep up. BTW, Canon has a new DSLR coming out in September. It is the 70D. I am so impressed with it, I have pre-ordered one.

  8. That seems to be an awesome little camera you have…I have been looking for something alittle less bulky than my MarkIII, this just might fit the bill.

    Oh, great photographs.

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  10. Photos are great. New camera does fine and sounds easy to use. I notice your WordPress theme is the same as mine. I’d like to ask how do you get the widget that shows what countries or states the visitors are from? I don’t see the widget for that and I think I would like it on my blog. Thanks.

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