Some Labor Day images

Labor Day.  You certainly won’t catch me doing much laboring.  Even though I was aware that there may be too many people doing their outdoor things, Ann and I decided to go to San Angelo State Park to visit the bird blind, AKA the Wildlife Viewing Center.  After stopping there, we did a little drive-around through the park.  There still aren’t too many birds, but we managed to see a few or the regulars.  Here are three nice photographs that I stumbled into getting.  First up was this little juvenile Northern Cardinal that I captured at the blind.

Northern Cardinal juvenile

Northern Cardinal

When we took the little drive around the park I managed to get these images.

Bobwhite in tree

Bobwhite in tree

I love those Bobwhites.  Along the way, we saw another covey of them, about twelve, but they scurried into the underbrush before I could even get my camera ready.

We witnessed several nighthawks in the air when we previously entered the park.  Driving around, we saw two perched on mesquite tree branches.  Here is the best of the two.

Common Nighthawk

Common Nighthawk

Migration is only a few weeks away, so soon I might have some more photographs for you.  We are planning another birding trip to the Big Bend later this month, and my new Canon 70D is supposed to arrive today.  So exciting things are looking up.

12 thoughts on “Some Labor Day images

  1. Lovely pics, Bob! I love the nighthawk. We have a similar bird here called a nightjar, but it is very difficult to see (usually you only hear them). That’s exciting about your new camera! By coincidence, Colin is just replacing his. He’s excited too!

    • The nighthawks here are all actually nightjars. But some species of them are called nighthawks and some nightjars. Very hard to distinguish the different species as they are so much alike. Colin and I are like little boys. We like to get new toys. 🙂

  2. We birded our ponds yesterday…200+shovelers and teals, avocets, cattle egrets, eared grebes, black-necked stilts, one white face ibis, and spotted sandpipers then gone today

    • I just took the 70D out of the box a few minutes ago. The battery is being charged as we speak. Hope to test it tomorrow. They cleaned up the blind and maybe things will look up.

  3. you always manage to find some birds..all the photos are lovely..the nighthawks are fascinating as they just blend into the wood. We had Evening Grosbeaks today at the feeders with their fledglings. Mom and Pop were still feeding them..Have a great evening..

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