Brown Pelican: Rare San Angelo visitor

I was busy in my office this morning when I got a call from our birder friend, Sue Oliver.  She was at Middle Concho Park and had just seen a Brown Pelican sitting on a buoy in the water.  I grabbed my hat, my wife, my cameras, not necessarily in that order, and jumped in the car.  The Brown Pelican is a rare visitor to the San Angelo area.  The last time I had seen one was about five years ago and that was about forty miles south in Eldorado, Texas.

Anyway, about ten minutes later we were at the park, and sure enough, the pelican was sitting on the same buoy that Sue had described.  It was in no hurry to leave, so I was able to get several images over the course of about thirty minutes.  By that time, I had decided that it was going to be there for quite some time, so we headed home.  The sun was very harsh, and glaring.  Sometimes clear blue skies do not work for good photos.

You can tell in the photos the trouble I was having with the exposure, the pelican was pretty much back-lit, but I wasn’t going let that stop me.  I didn’t know how long the bird would be hanging around.  It could leave any minute to fly back to the Gulf coast where it belongs, about 450 miles away.

Brown Pelican

Brown Pelican

Brown Pelican

Brown Pelican

Brown Pelican

Brown Pelican

I may go back this evening as the clouds are beginning to build up and I may have better lighting.  Click on any image to see an enlargement.

13 thoughts on “Brown Pelican: Rare San Angelo visitor

  1. Bob, We have a Brown Pelican in Cleveland, too. It’s hung around so long that it has been named the Cleveland Brown Pelican, in honor of the football team. The rare bird is more of a winner than the usual losing team.


  2. What a treat to get to shoot such a rarity for your area! I’m so happy for you that you got the fortuitous call and were able to get some photos. Thanks for sharing with us – I think the pictures are wonderful, even if the lighting wasn’t quite right for you!

  3. There are strange birds for sure..I got a couple of long distance shots of White Pelicans, at Grand Lake Colorado, 8,000 ft elevation..they are certainly unusual. You did great with the shots even if the lighting was not the greatest..what a rare and delightful sighting..

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