Brown Pelican with captions.

I went back out on Saturday afternoon to see if the Brown Pelican was still at Middle Concho Park.  He was, still sitting on the same buoy.  He had been seen earlier flying nearby, but this must be his favorite perch.  The lighting was still not very good.  Even though it was later in the day, with no clouds and a bright sun, the conditions were less than perfect.  Such is the way of a professional wildlife photographer.  We have to dance with the lady we brought.  Try to make lemonade from the lemons.

The pelican wasn’t very active.  Mostly perched, and occasionally preened and posed for me in various positions.  Here is how I in interpreted those poses.

"Do you like this side profile?"

“Do you like this side profile?”

"Betcha you can't do this."

“Betcha you can’t do this.”

"Hmmm.....what have we here?"

“Hmmm…..what have we here?”

"How about a head and shoulders for my presidential library?"

“How about a head and shoulders for my presidential library?”

I hope you enjoyed these photos, and my captions.  Click on any image to see an enlargement.