Migration is getting closer…..

I have been getting out and watching around for the fall arrivals.  Not too successful but did see the first Spotted Towhee of the fall out at San Angelo State Park.  We drove to Middle Concho Park and spotted two Pied-billed Grebes and a large flock of Black-crowned Night Herons.  I did not get any usuable photos of these because of the distance involved, so I will show you the two below from previous posts.  But it is a sign that migration is getting under way, albeit very late.

adult Black-crowned Night Heron

adult Black-crowned Night Heron – published in a previous post.

Spotted Towhee with an attitude.

Spotted Towhee with an attitude.  Published in a previous post.

Here are a few photographs I managed to get the past few days.

Common Nighthawk on mesquite brance at San Angelo State Park.

Common Nighthawk on mesquite branch at San Angelo State Park.

Northern Cardinal, female

Northern Cardinal, female

Yellow-crowned Nigh Heron at nearby K-Mart creek.

Yellow-crowned Nigh Heron at nearby K-Mart creek.

We can’t forget our four-footed friends.

White-tailed Deer at Spring Creek Park.

White-tailed Deer at Spring Creek Park.

Enjoy the pics until I get back with some more.  Click on any of them to see enlargements.

14 thoughts on “Migration is getting closer…..

  1. From my favourite time of year perspective, I prefer Spring but Autumn has its upsides too and the Bird migration phenomena is truly awesome, wherever you might live in the world. A bird which comes highly recommended is Dr. Ian Newton’s Bird Migration book from the New Naturalist’s series.

    Best Wishes


  2. Great photos as usual Bob. Now with the great migration underway, I suppose we’ll be subjected to even more super photos LOL. Honestly I am looking forward to seeing the amazing variety of bird life you have in your area. Keep those batteries charged!

  3. good photos as usual..love the buck..I had one in my garden..ate the tops of the beets..left the best though..We still have a Rufus at the feeder, I agree migration is late this year..Love the Spotted Towhee with an attitude..have a great evening…

    • Thanks, Cindy. Actually they are somewhat easier see after you have seen the first one. Then you know what to look for. They don’t perch like a normal bird, but lay parallel to the branch.

  4. I got a pic of the common night hawk 2 weeks ago at the State Park but was not as open as yours. Good capture. The females cardinals I also got yesterday there and were very active. Even got one bathing and drinking from the water hose. There were some canon towhee there and did not recall them before, are they new? Bill Yates said they were canon towhee when he too was there yesterday. Tim

  5. Loved the photos! Two weeks ago when I was in Muskegon, thousands of ducks were just arriving, and an even larger number of swallows of several species were flocked together, ready to leave. The blackbirds, bobolinks, and many others had already left. Many of the small shorebirds have already passed through the area, so you should be seeing a good many migrants very soon.

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