Osprey and Great Egrets……

Ann and I took a ride to Spring Creek Park this Thursday morning.  We were looking for the arrival of migratory birds.  They are still slow in coming, but saw the arrival of the first Double-crested Cormorant of the season, so I guess that is a start.  We watched an Osprey hunting up and down the waters.  It took me by surprise and caught a fish, but I tracked it and I saw it land in a tree.  Fortunately, it was nearby and I was able to hand-hold my new Canon 70D with a 100-400mm zoom lens.  The first shot is of him perched, then I took the second shot as he began to fly off.  Then I was lucky enough to catch him in flight.

Osprey perched with fish.

Osprey perched with fish.

Osprey taking off.

Osprey taking off.

Osprey in flight.

Osprey in flight.

Farther on as we drove around the horse-shoe drive in the park, we looked across the water and saw four Great Egrets in the trees.  At that point the water is about 300-400 yards wide.  I propped my Canon 7D with the 500mm lens and tele-converter on my window sill to try for the shot.  I really thought it was to far for a quality image, but my state of the art Canon equipment performed as advertised.  Here is the result.  By the way, it is also tightly cropped for composition.

Two Great Egrets in a tree.

Two Great Egrets in a tree.

As always, these images were post processed through Photoshop applications.  Click on any picture to see an enlargement.

12 thoughts on “Osprey and Great Egrets……

  1. Your photo of the egrets is really beautiful, Bob. And I am glad you included the shots of the Osprey with your 100-400mm lens, especially the BIF. It encourages me to trying for that kind of raptor photo. I’m not there yet. 😦

    • Thanks, Dwynn. I must admit that I am starting to really enjoy the new 70D. You asked previously about the viewfinder, I think it is about the same as the 7D.
      I do like the larger file of the 20MP. I can crop a little tighter if necessary.

  2. Excellent shots, Bob. Sounds like you’re having fun, and well done for hand-holding that lens for those pics! I know from being with Colin how tricky it is.

  3. These are wonderful, Bob! Great job with your new gear. I love how in the Osorey show even the fish he has grasped in his talons is nice and clear. And your two egrets in a tree? I’ve never been lucky enough to see the, together like that. Wonderful to see.

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