Red-tailed Hawk – before and after

I love going back through my image files and find one that have I ignored for awhile, for some reason or another.  This photo of a juvenile Red-tailed Hawk is one of those.  When I took the original photo, the bird had just took off from atop a telephone pole.  It is impossible to get a perfect composition at that time, and in this case, not only was the pole and wires in the image, I also clipped the wing of the bird.

Red-tailed Hawk - taking off from utility pole.

Red-tailed Hawk – taking off from utility pole.

For a long time the photo languished in my files, ignored because I was hesitant to publish the image.  This photo was taken back in May of 2011 so it has been around a long time.  Recently I decided that I could make a good presentation of it if I ignored the clipped wing and did a decent crop.  Even then, ordinarily I would not have published it with the clipped wing, but after looking at it as an artist should, I felt it was just too good not to show.  Here is the final result.

Juvenile Red-tailed Hawk in flight.

Juvenile Red-tailed Hawk in flight.

Photographing raptors, whether it be Ospreys, Hawks, or Owls; I love the challenge of shooting them in flight.  They are such glorious images when in the air. Click on either of them to see an enlargement.

By the way, it was photographed using a very old Canon EOS 40D and 100-400mm lens.  It doesn’t matter about the equipment as long as you know it’s limitations and how to use it.

15 thoughts on “Red-tailed Hawk – before and after

  1. That’s true what you say about equipment, Bob – i.e. it’s not what it costs but whether you know how to use it. The mark of a good photographer. I think you’ve just proved that!

  2. Great shot, Bob, but you know what? I kinda like it with the phone wires. (shrugging my shoulders) just me I guess.

  3. Bob, I’m glad you had second thoughts and looked at this image as an artist would and posted it. I like it, and I like your way of talking about your “process.” Best, Babs

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