Osprey and Great Horned Owl

In the past few days I have been making frequent trips to my favorite birding haunts.  The fall migration still is a bit slow here as I have been waiting for the winter birds, i.e. waterbirds, ducks, etc.  But having said that I have spotted at least two Osprey that have been hanging around, and I have been able to get decent photographs of them.  Here is one that I got today.  Ann was with me and we spotted it high atop a tree on a leaf-less stub.  Apparently his appetite had been sated as he was just preening himself.



Yesterday my friend, Charles Yuker, had asked to go with me as he had bird photography questions and wanted to pick my brain.  We had crossed the river near Spring Creek Park and were on a little lane when he said, “There’s and owl!”  It was on a mesquite tree branch on his side of the car, out of my sight because of my car’s roofline.  I stopped immediately, and we assessed the situation, not wanting to startle the bird.  Since I could not see it yet, I opted to drive very slowly on for another 50 yards, then stop the car so we could look back.

We got out of the car, and crept along the treeline by the river, keeping in the dark shade.  Fortunately, initially it had been facing away from the car, so it had not seen us up until this time.  We started shooting, and it kept watching us for any agressive moves.  We took several images and I have posted one below for you.  As we decided to return to the car, the owl then decided he had enough and it headed elsewhere as well.  It took to another tree about two hundred yards away, but not in a good position for satisfactory photos.

Great Horned Owl

Great Horned Owl

But seeing these birds and a few other regulars, are keeping my enthusiasm alive in anticipation for things to come.   They definitely made our day.  Click on any image to see nice enlargements.

12 thoughts on “Osprey and Great Horned Owl

    • Thanks, Dave. Someday I hope to see some other owls. The only other owl that I have ever photographed is the Burrowing Owl. I glimpsed a Barn Owl once, but never have seen any ot the many others. I shouldn’t complain, though, because these around here give many photo opportunites. Glad you liked the Osprey, too.

  1. Great shots, Bob! I love the owl. We have had a much colder wind blowing for the last day or so which means lots of geese arriving – I wonder if that means your migration will get under way, too. Looking forward to seeing what you discover!

    • Thanks, Katie, I appreciate your kind words. The wind was blowing the feathers, etc, on the owl. Thank you for visiting my blog. I have checked yours out and will subscribe.

  2. Ospreys are so unique..we have them here on our lakes..great photo and the Great Horned Owl is fabulous..Have art show this weekend, two more to go and then it will be a wrap for the winter..snow expected tomorrow..our feeders are busy with a wide variety of Chickadees, Nuthatches, Evening Grosbeaks and I had Red-winged Black birds in for breakfast….

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