Avian Wings over Houston

Last week Ann and I had the wonderful pleasure of visiting some dear friends in the Houston, Texas area.  Shannon and her family showed us some east Texas hospitality at their home.  They actually have a small creek that crosses their land that was full of birds, large and small.  So, needless to say, we had no really desire to go anywhere else to do any birding.  Perhaps on our next visit we may expand out to some other sites.  But they had enough to keep us busy.  White Ibises roamed the place, as did various herons and egrets.  We saw a total of 40 different species, during the trip, which included a short visit on our way, at the blinds at Pedernales State Park near Fredricksberg.

Today I will feature some images of a Tri-colored Heron.  This photo was taken from Shannon’s back yard.  What nice views to have from there.

Tri-colored Heron showing off his beautiful plumage.

Tri-colored Heron showing off his beautiful plumage.

Shannon is a decent photographer herself, and she was dying to try my 500mm lens.  So I assisted her with setting her up with the tripod and she came up with the following photographs.

Tri-colored Heron

Tri-colored Heron

Tri-colored Heron

Tri-colored Heron

I would say that she is doing very well.  I needed to pry that lens out of her little fingers before we left to come home.

My next post will have some more photos from this delightful trip.  Click on any image to see some enlargements.  To see my entire blog on your computer, go to this on this link: https://bobzeller.wordpress.com.

24 thoughts on “Avian Wings over Houston

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  2. Loved viewing the pictures! So grateful for the opportunity to meet you and Ann. It was such fun watching the birds, kids, and sharing time with such wonderful people. All the pictures are just beautiful!!

  3. Woo hoo!! I’ll beat you at that life list one day too. Just gotta figure out how to juggle out the other 2-legged creatures in my life so I can focus on the feathered ones. I’m still disappointed that none of the woodland birds came out to play. The weather — a well as the company — was perfect. Thanks for putting up “my” photos, but I must say I’d not have done quite so good a job without the help of The Beast.

    Looking forward to the next birding outing with the Zeller’s. Polishing my noodles now…

    • Shannon, it was my pleasure to post your photos. They are excellent images. Maybe I was a good mentor. As for our stay, it was as good as it gets. We love every minute, and looking forward to another trip. For you readers that wonder, I am not the Beast. She refers to my big camera lens. 🙂

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