Final images from Houston…for now…

I was going through my images from Houston and found a few more birds that I could have included in the two previous posts.  With those, I decided to also add some of our personal photos from our last evening there.   Shannon and Scott decided that on Saturday night they would fix a fire in the pit, and with the children, we would roast ‘s’mores’.   This all took place right next to their creek.

Eastern Phoebe in early morning light.

Eastern Phoebe in early morning light.

Ann and I on creek bank.  Ann knitting, me shooting with my Beast.

Ann and me on creek bank. Ann crocheting, me shooting with my Beast.  Photo courtesy of Shannon.

Spotted Sandpipe on log in creek.

Spotted Sandpiper on log in creek.

Shannon raking leave around the picnic table.

Shannon raking leaves around the picnic area, getting ready for the s’more roast.

White Ibises feeding in nearby creek.

White Ibises feeding in nearby creek.

Scott, Shannon's hunk husband getting the firepit ready.

Scott, Shannon’s hunk husband getting the firepit ready.

Shannon’s mother, Jane, was also in attendance but I didn’t get any photos of her or the children.  I am sorry about that, but at that time I hadn’t anticipated that I would be putting them in a blog.

During our stay we saw two life birds, a Pileated Woodpecker and a White-tailed Hawk.  No photographs of either, not quick enough on the shutter.  Click on any image to see enlargements.

13 thoughts on “Final images from Houston…for now…

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    • That was the way it was, just a happy time with super friends. What are s’mores?? I am glad you asked, Jo, because I didn’t know either. Ann and the others laughed at me for not knowing. They are roasted marshmellows and Hershey chocolate pieces sandwiched between two graham crackers. Tasty!

  2. I love the way that phoebe appears to be flirting with The Beast! Your camera, that is. He was probably thinking something like, “Hey…that’s no Olympus. Better look especially cute.” LOL

    Too bad we didn’t get any shots at the campfire. That was great fun — the highlight of the trip according to the kiddos. Mine favorite moment was crouched down on the bank with you and The Beast patiently waiting as the sun disappeared for the evening flocks to fly through. Never did capture those birds, but I sure caught me some some chiggers!!

    • I agree, out of about 20 exposures of the phoebe I think that was the cutest.

      I should have got more shots around the campfire. I was just too laid back and enjoying myself, especially down along the creek. Ditto on that favorite moment! A beautiful time. Deifnitely want to do that again.

  3. The Eastern Phoebe is priceless..such a sweet pose..and the other photos are the Sandpiper on the log..Looks like folks had a great time, good friends and good food..nothing better. I so appreciate you sharing your life with all of us..have a great day and God Bless…

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