Testing the Safari Flash Booster

I had read about the Rogue Safari Pop-up Flash Booster a few weeks and decided to order one, only 34.95 from B&H Photo.  It didn’t arrive until we returned from our Houston trip.  It is a neat little thing.  Weighs only 2 oz.  It clips to your hot-shoe, but is fashioned so it fits over the camera’s pop-up flash.  You clip it on and when you need it, simply push your pop-up flash button.  The flash pops up behind the Rogues fresnel lens.  It will give you about 8 times more light, giving you more range to around 70 feet or so.

I took it out with me yesterday to see if I could give it a test.  Here are the results.  We spotted this owl up in the branches of a tree, where it was pretty dark.  I am guessing the distance was about 75 feet, actually out of the advertised range.  I am giving you the before and after shots.  Straight out of the camera.  No adjustments.

Owl - before using the Safari Flash Booster.

Owl – before using the Safari Flash Booster.

Owl - after using Safari Flash booster.

Owl – after using Safari Flash booster.

As you can see, there is a quite noticeable difference even at that distance.  I previously had a Better Beamer, which I ended up not using much, because it involved assembling it onto my large Canon 550EX speed-lite, and I didn’t like the bother.  This little thing is a snap to use, and it takes only an instant to attach it to the camera.  For photos and more info, click on the link at the beginnng of this post or go to http://roguesafari.com.