Ladder-backed Woodpecker Video 2

First and foremost, I need to give credit to my dear friend, Shannon.  She generously took up some of her valuable time to tutor me, and walk me through the process of uploading and embedding videos.  I would say she done a fine job.

After publishing that “test” run in my last post, I thought I would go out and try for some more.  My target was to get a video of a Great Blue Heron grazing along the water.  Alas, none were to be seen.  But lo and behold, I came across the same Ladder-backed Woodpecker, pecking the same hole in the same tree as my previous post.  I took the opportunity to try to improve on that.

I again used my new Canon EOS 70D with a 100-400mm lens.  I was in my vehicle, parked about 15 feet away.  The bird was oblivious to me, since I was hidden in the car.  The camera worked perfectly as advertised, the auto-focus stayed on track, and the exposure seemed to be right on the money.

Here is the result:

This video is best viewed from my blog, rather than from this e-mail.