Snowy Egret and Blue Heron

Today the water was still standing in the parks from overnight rains when we decided to see what was around and about.  We drove thru Middle Concho Park and detoured around several areas of soggy ground.  I didn’t want to get stuck because Ann doesn’t like to get out and push.  🙂

Snowy and Great Egrets

Snowy and Great Egrets

Our highlight today was coming across a Snowy Egret.  It was on a large tree limb that extended out over the water.  On the same limb a Great Egret peered at the water.  In the photo, you can see the vast difference in size.  The little Snowy is about 24 inches in height compared to the 39 inches of the Great Egret.  The Snowy is somewhat rare around here, not being seen every year.

Snowy Egret backlit by the morning sun.

Snowy Egret backlit by the morning sun.

Of course, I saw another irresistible opportunity to photograph another Great Blue Heron

Great Blue Heron

Great Blue Heron

Enjoy the photos and click on any of them to see enlargements.

8 thoughts on “Snowy Egret and Blue Heron

  1. Great lighting and angle on the egret! We are seeing many species this time of year at the creek and on our back porch. The winter is a great time here for birding, we are discovering. The wood ducks are morning regulars in the creek now and won’t fly away as we sit and watch them.

    • Thank you so very much, Shannon. If it is like our area, we have more species here in the winter, than there is in the summer. I am jealous of the Wood Ducks. We don’t see them often, and I still don’t own a good photo of one that is my own. It must be a blast to sit and watch them daily, and I miss sitting by your creek. Thanks for commenting.

  2. You are such a thoughtful husband! I know Ann appreciates your concern for her dislike of pushing stuck vehicles! The photo of the two on the limb is very nice. The size difference is very interesting to see. Thanks for posting! And just in case I don’t type you – Merry Christmas!! hugs

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