New Equipment Update – Canon 70D

Call me crazy.  As I have mentioned in the past, I have been using the Canon EOS 7D for the past several years.  I owned two of them.  A few months ago I heard about the new 70D and purchased one of them.  Well I am here to tell you that I am so impressed with it, I have added a second 70D to my bag.  I intend to use them, the 70Ds as my main cameras.  I have already sold one of the 7Ds, and will keep the 2nd one for a possible backup.  The 70D, to me has so much to offer, 20 MP versus 18, gorgeous HD videos, fast auto-focus, better over-all performance.  It just feels better in my hands.  The Loggerhead Shrike and Anna’s Hummingbird in my previous post are products of my 70D.  The shrike was taken from about 200 feet away from inside my car.

Great Egret - Canon EOS 70D - 100-400mm lens, 1/3200 sec., f5.6, ISO 320.

Great Egret – Canon EOS 70D – 100-400mm lens, 1/3200 sec., f5.6, ISO 320.

I have also ordered the new Tamron 150-600mm zoom lens.  I own the Canon EOS f4 AF IS 500mm prime lens.  But it is tough to maneuver around in the front seat of my car, simply because I am nearing 80 years of age, and not as agile I once was.  The Tamron lens promises to be lighter and smaller so we shall see how that works out.

Update to my west Texas Big Year bird count  (goal 210):

#78  American White Pelican

#79  Verdin

#80  Canyon Towhee

#81  Lesser Goldfinch

#82  Black-crowned Night Heron

#83  White-faced Ibis

#84  Turkey Vulture

28 thoughts on “New Equipment Update – Canon 70D

  1. “200 feet away from inside my car.” WOW. I missed many photographic opportunities at High Island with my “lesser” set-up. Flocks of pelicans (brown and white), blue-winged, green-winged, and cinnamon teal — all too far away from me for a decent shot.

    Perhaps I need to gear up for the migration weekend in April. When I’m ready to buy, you know I’ll be calling the expert!

    Congrats! It will save your shoulder muscles for sure. The Beast was pretty dadgum heavy, if I recall.

    • Actually, 200 feet is only about 70 yrds. Not as far as it sounds. I wish I could have been at High Island with you. Sounds like it was fun. Definitely, when you are ready to buy, maybe I can be of help. Anyway, as far as my Beast goes, it is just difficult to maneuver in the front seat of the car. Can’t get hold of it and get it into position fast enough when I need to. But I remember that you didn’t have any trouble handling it. Of course, you have about a 35 year advantage. LOL Thanks for commenting, Shannon.

  2. Congratulations, Bob. It is great when the skills of the photographer increase to warrant an up grade in photo equipment.You know it is right when it feels and looks right. Nice capture of the egret.

  3. Congratulations. Beautiful shot. Although my untrained eye has seen nothing but excellence in your photographs, no matter what equipment you’re using. But it is amazing how far the technology keeps on going. 🙂

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