Canada Geese plus Sunday photos

I got a call from my bird look-out friend yesterday (Saturday) afternoon.  Sue Oliver is an intense birder always watching for anything new to appear.  It was late in the day, but I was ready to go.  She said there were some Canada Geese at a neighborhood park near downtown San Angelo.  Since I am the “have camera, will travel” type of guy I headed out.

When I got there the sun was very low as evening was coming on.  I spotted a few of the geese in the grass, but they were far inside the fence.  This is a private neighborhood park.  They were feeding then, but as we watched they took flight and flew into the pond about 100 feet away.  I drove around the block to the other side of the park which was closer to the water, and it was easier to get a few images there.  Because of the late, low sun, the exposure was difficult.

Canada Geese

Canada Geese

Canada Goose

Canada Goose

Granted, the Canada Geese are thought of as nuisances in some cities.  As a matter of fact, one time when we where were visiting relatives near Mackinaw, Michigan, we ventured into a park where there were many mother geese with their goslings following them around.  In trying to get photos I got more than my share of goose poop in and on my shoes. But it was nice to see them here, as they are a rarity around here.

This morning, Ann and I woke early to a beautiful Sunday morning and decided that we would venture to the local parks after partaking of our Happy Meals at the nearby Golden Arches.  After arriving at the Spring Creek Park, we spotted this Red-tailed Hawk high in a tree.  He was facing away, but decided to have a look at me before making his way to more promising hunting grounds.

Red-tailed Hawk

Red-tailed Hawk

After checking out some other smaller birds that were there, we drove over to Middle Concho Park.  There we drove along the water and got images of a Great Blue Heron and a Great Egret.

Great Blue Heron

Great Blue Heron

Great Egret

Great Egret

Both birds were across the river and I was able to use my 500mm lens with a 1.4 teleconverter, shooting from my car parked along the near side of the water.

Enjoy the photos and click on any of them to see enlargements.

29 thoughts on “Canada Geese plus Sunday photos

  1. Oh Bob, I can relate to the light challenges when shooting the geese at this time of day. The poop, too, butI am still happy to see them and watch their behaviour.Would love to see an egret…

  2. I’m just a few birds behind you for our 2014 list. Perhaps if you can here and we there, we’d BOTH jack our numbers up…

    Canada Goose? Would be so great to check that box for my Houston list! BTW, who’s the little guys swimming with them in the first shot?

  3. I love the geese..they are a pain to golfers, and here in Pagosa they brought in some swans to keep the geese away..didn’t work, but surely do enjoy the swans..the Great White Egret is just well as the other glad when birds start coming back North..I miss them..

  4. Geese are big pains in the back side at many golf courses in the Denver area.

    BTW, Bob…a few weeks ago I saw many flocks of geese honkin’ like crazy and headed South!

    I gave them directions to San Angelo as they flew by. 🙂

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