Osprey Bringing Dinner Home

I wrote recently about photographing birds in flight.  I also had read several posts on other people’s blogs on the subject.  I thought you may be interested in seeing these photographs that I pulled from my archives.

It is a series of images that I took of an Osprey coming in to snatch his meal from the water.  I first published these photos about three years ago. I was using my 100-400mm lens.  I acquired the osprey in my auto-focus just before he started his dive.  I had only to press the shutter that was set for hi-speed burst, then pan the camera as I followed him to the water.  He was faster than I expected and my first image had him already with the fish in his talons.  Except for the first and final photo these images are right from the camera.

Osprey on the hunt.

Osprey on the hunt.

Osprey - making contact

Osprey – making contact


After he was in the air with the fish securely in his talons, he then circled around to make this victory pass.  I was lucky to catch him as he passed in front of me.  This image is the final cropped and edited photo.

Get the fry pan ready, Mama.

Get the fry pan ready, Mama.

I hope you enjoyed this series of a creature of the wild, doing what comes naturally.  Click on any image to see an enlargement.

28 thoughts on “Osprey Bringing Dinner Home

  1. Spectacular Bob, thanks for the osprey fix! Our osprey left August/Sept. last year and return to the Chesapeake Bay area mid-March (or most around here say St. Patrick’s Day). But a few come sooner, my first sighting last year was March 5th and it was one of our locals on the Rt 50/310 corridor. It’s almost Osprey Time here, can’t wait! 🙂

  2. What a great set of photos, Bob! I love to watch ospreys. They should be heading back up this way in another month or so. When they come, we know spring is really here!

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