Buntings of the Concho Valley

I have spent these cold days at the computer, re-editing some older images that I had made several years ago.  Since my post-editing has improved with newer software, I thought that I would post some of those older photos again.  Of course, my favorite of the buntings here in west Texas has to be the Painted Bunting.  Truly, a bird that has colors, that on close examination, appears to be hand-painted by the Man upstairs himself.  There are even smeared spots that it looks like He got a bit “outside the lines”.

Painted Bunting

Painted Bunting

Painted Bunting - singing from the highest treetops.

Painted Bunting – singing from the highest treetops.

Painted Bunting - bath time.

Painted Bunting – bath time.

Painted Bunting - female of the species.

Painted Bunting – female of the species.

Equally pretty, is the the Lazuli Bunting.  This one photographed at the Hummer House Bird Refuge at Christoval, Texas.

Lazuli Bunting

Lazuli Bunting

Then we can’t forget the Indigo Bunting.  This one seems to be enjoying a shower under an artificial mister.  Photographed at the same location.

Indigo Bunting - bath time

Indigo Bunting – shower time

Below we have the Lark Bunting.  This specie is actually in the sparrow family, a Calamospiza, where the other buntings are Passerinas.  I have included it simply because of the name.  This is an adult winter male.  The summer adult male is black except for the white flashings on the wings.

Lark Bunting - adult winter male

Lark Bunting – adult winter male

Lark Bunting - adult winter male

Lark Bunting – adult winter male

There is another bunting in west Texas that I have yet to see or photograph, and that is the Varied Bunting.  I hope to get an image of it this year and you will be the first to know.  I hope you have enjoyed these.  Just click on any of them to see some nice enlargements.

Prints of these photos are available for sale, as is my book “Birds, Beasts and Buttes”.  Contact me for more information.

22 thoughts on “Buntings of the Concho Valley

  1. Just stunning – I have seen Painted Buntings on your blog before, but not Indigo or Lazuli, and they are so beautiful. I have never seen a bird that shade of blue – it’s almost surreal. I hope that you are having fun editing, and not getting too frustrated at the weather! It must be time for a ‘sea change’ very soon.

    • Thank you so much, Jo. I don’t get to see the Indigos or Lazulis very often either, hence the reason I don’t have many photos of them. But, like you, I am amazed at their shades of blue.

  2. It’s hard to believe that those Buntings exist in the wild. And, they do look like they’ve been painted – in the back of a pet store.

    Amazing stuff.

  3. Bob, the Varied Bunting is one that I also need for my life list. I guess they can be found at Big Bend at the right time of year. So you will probably pick one up there in your travels. Good luck.

  4. I agree with Connie – gorgeous photos, Bob! The Indigo Bunting is the only Bunting that’s a regular around here, though there are occasional sightings of Painted Buntings at feeders during migration.

    • Thank you very much, Connie. (I checked out your blog). Not a chef, but I might have my wife check out your recipes. Glad to hear that you are another Texan.

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