Hey, I clean up pretty good……

Okay, for all of you readers that may be wondering what I really do look like, check this out.  It was taken by the eleven year old son of my dear friend, Shannon.  When Ann and I were visiting them last October, it seems that young Scottie, was on the prowl,  taking candid photos with his little camera.  I didn’t know of the existence of the picture until Shannon posted it to her blog yesterday.  I think the little guys’ got talent.  I obtained permission from her, and Scottie to use it here.  Personally, I think it is one of the best photos I have of myself.  Check out them blue eyes.



Click photo to see enlargement.

30 thoughts on “Hey, I clean up pretty good……

  1. Looks like you’ve got some up and coming competition, Bob. The little guy did a pretty good job. Now if you can just get him interested in birds.

  2. Love it! Although all that photo equipment was a bit distracting from the main subject. 😀 LOL
    I was thinking of you today, Bob, as I was thumbing through old copies of my Birds & Blooms magazines. I was wondering if you’ve ever been published in magazines?

    • Well, Scottie was just taking quick snapshots and the photo was unplanned, so no time to clear off the table.
      Yes, I have been published by National Wildlife Magazine, Wild West Magazine, Texas Farm and Ranch Magazine, and Photographers Forum. I also was on the cover of National Wildlife Magazine once.
      My photos graced the covers of two books published by a local auther and columnist, Ross McSwain.
      One photo of mine was made into a mural for the wall of a local McDonalds.
      Another photo of the San Angelo Convention Center was made into a billboard, and was at the northern entrance to our city.
      Thanks for thinking of me, and asking about my achievements. 🙂

      • I was just teasing about the photo equipment on the table. 😉 You look terrific and it was great to see such a wonderful photo of you taking by an up-and-comer!

        Wow! What wonderful photo credits! Your photos deserve a magazine of their very own, IMO. 🙂 Exciting to know someone so talented and famous for so many different things – music, photography, etc.

  3. Wonderful picture. Look out for those hot young photographers! Funny, the best picture of me was taken a few years ago by a very young photographer whose dad made his living that way.

  4. LOVE IT! (And if all caps makes it seem like I’m shouting, it’s because I am. With a big grin.). Please process my order for one 8×10, frame-and-wall mountable. 😀

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