Recent photos and another first……

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I have been shooting more than I have been thinking about something to write about.  So I will just write about the pictures I have taken the past week.

First I need to mention, that it is said that there never has been a nesting pair of American Coots in this area.  Well, that has changed.  At a pond at San Angelo State Park there are a pair of adults and at least five young ones.  Here is a photo that I captured of one of the babies.

American Coot - a very young one.

American Coot – a very young one.

On another day at the bird blind in the park I captured this amazingly beautiful European Starling.  I don’t often compliment starlings on their looks, but you have to admit there is a certain beauty about him.

European Starling

European Starling

Then I got lucky with a cute pose of the Northern Cardinal.

Northern Cardinal

Northern Cardinal

This Golden-fronted Woodpecker always is a feast of color to look at.

Golden-fronted Woodpecker

Golden-fronted Woodpecker

After leaving the blind, we drove through the park a bit and caught this Greater Roadrunner with a grasshopper.  I have a hard time resisting photographing these popular birds.

Great Roadrunner

Great Roadrunner

Upon leaving the park, Ann spotted this Common Nighthawk on a branch.  Our first sighting of one this year.  That brings our 2014 Big Year total to 167.

Common Nighthawk

Common Nighthawk

All photos were taken with my Canon EOS 70D and Tamron 150-600mm lens.  Hope you enjoy.


27 thoughts on “Recent photos and another first……

  1. Lovely photos, Bob – those starlings get everywhere! They must be the same species as ours. Their plumage is really beautiful when you study it. In some places they make massive flocks of many tens of thousands. Love the baby coot, and the night hawk – nice background, too!

  2. With our Northern Parula and Marsh Wren today, we are also at 167! Looking as if it could be by a nose for our 200 goal. We’d better get some more birding trips under out belt lest we get beat by the Zeller’s.

    Wow! on that eye, Ann. Unbelievable sighting on the nighthawk. I would have missed that completely. And I guess we now know where the phrase “uglier than a coot” came from, don’t we? The yellow-crowned night heron babies are much prettier (uglier?). Great shots, Bob. I’ll keep nipping at your heels.

    • It looks like we will have a race to the finish line when we visit in October, Shannon. 🙂

      Ann done good sighting that Nighthawk. I nearly missed it, they blend into the brush so easily. And keep on nipping. I don’t want to slow down and have you run over me. 🙂

  3. The starling photo is amazing. What a beauty! The baby coot, on the other hand, is a strange looking bird. It has a lot to grow into! Altho I have not commented lately, I continue to enjoy your words and photos. I do think this will be THE Big Year for you and Ann. Thanks for taking me along on the journey. (and, yes, you do clean up real good!) hugs

  4. Beautiful captures, all! That golden-fronted woodpecker – Mah-velous! 🙂 That baby coot, another face only a mother could love, huh?? I have never seen a photo of a baby one before, so interesting!

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