Flora and Fauna, etc.

I woke up this morning and said to myself, “Self, (that is what I call myself at times), you need to write a post”.  I haven’t written one in several days.  It has just been one of those periods where it seems that I haven’t accomplished anything.  We had lots of rain, really gully-washers, here and the lakes have received much water.  The lake where I spend most of my time with my photography was literally over the banks, where previously it had almost dried up.  The gates were opened to bring the depth back to the normal.  That water will flow downstream to replenish yet another reservoir a few miles south.

So when I finally got out a few days ago, decided to go to several venues where I like to photograph.  First, here is a photo that I got in my own backyard, where we received seven and a half inches of the wet stuff.   A very wet, not dried off yet, immature female Bullock’s Oriole.

A very wet immature female Blullock's Oriole.

A very wet immature female Blullock’s Oriole.

We headed to San Angelo State Park.  We noticed that O. C. Fisher Lake there had received some water also.  Reportedly it rose from a dry bed to nine feet of water.  Should help the overall wildlife of the area.  Even the Prairie Dogs are happy, judging from this mother frolicing with an  off-spring.

PLayful Prairie Dogs

Playful Prairie Dogs

This photo was taken in the north part of the park at the prairie dog village there.  Also,while in that area we spotted a couple of Mississippi Kites in a tree.

Mississippi Kite

Mississippi Kite

Killdeer sheltering a young one.

Killdeer sheltering a young one.

Look close at the above picture.  No, it is not a four-legged Killdeer, nor are those training wheels.  When we first spotted the adult Killdeer, the chick was several yard away.  As we approached, it sensed danger and ran for it’s mother and hid under a wing.  I snapped a few photos, then left, as I don’t like to stress the wildlife for the sake of a photograph.

More images from the park included the following.

Bullock's Oriole

Bullock’s Oriole

Bewick's Wren

Bewick’s Wren

Scissor-tailed Flycatcher

Scissor-tailed Flycatcher

Prickly Pear Cactus

Prickly Pear Cactus

Leaving the park, we decided to venture downtown.  San Angelo is the home to one of  just a handful of International Water Lily Collections in the world.  Ken Landon, the curator and owner, collects specimens from all over the world.  He is just now putting out the plants for the summer, but several of them were in bloom already.  The five pools, (soon to be six) are each about half full, but will be completely filled with gorgeous blossoms of all shapes and sizes very soon.  Here are a couple of images that I captured.  As you can see from the water droplets, the rains had just recently finished.

Water Lily blossom

Water Lily blossom

Water Lilies

Water Lilies

I hope you enjoyed this diverse collection of images.  Click on any or all of them to see enlargements.

30 thoughts on “Flora and Fauna, etc.

  1. Stunning images, Bob. BTW, the 5 photos I bought from you are all hanging – 2 in the living room and 3 in my room. We have completely remodeled both rooms to include your photos as well as many of Holly’s and mine too. She continues to show additional interest in post processing, her blog, and birding.

  2. Killdeer with her baby is awesome! Glad you snapped and left. Always good having the long lens for such shots. Kudos on your rain. How about we send some more over your way? We are getting more than our share, though I ain’t complaining…

    • Thanks, Shannon. We were about 40 feet away, but obviously, they were still nervous about our presence. We can use all the rain that you can send. It doesn’t last long here. Thanks so very much for commenting.

  3. It is amazing what you and your little camera can find to photgraph..the birds are exceptional, but the Water Lily steals the show..the colors are so vibrant..I am so glad you share with us..

  4. A great collection, Bob. Smashing birds, especially the killdeer with her baby, and I love those water lilies. You have certainly had a lot of rain!

  5. I love the variety in this post, Bob. All the images were sharp and beautiful, but my favorites were the mother-child shots; i.e., the prairie dogs and the killdeers. Incidentally, glad you got all that rain. I know your part of Texas has been needing it.

  6. Hi, Bob. So nice to see your post ‘pop up’ in the feed. As always, love your photos. You got several photos of birds that are all but unseen in our area, so it was a fun post for me!!

  7. Hey Bob, I was missing you so glad to see this lovely post! That photo of the killdeer with the baby is awesome!! Also, that Mississippi Kite is a very impressive bird! Love the scissor-tailed flycatcher – just beautiful! So glad you all got some much needed rain!!

  8. the kite is very unusual to me and beautiful. What part of the park is your favorite? My daughter
    loved the picture of the hawk you provided. Thanks so much and I feel that it is affordable.

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