Taking a few weeks off….

Okay, I guess the time has come to cut back on my posting.  I am not discontinuing my blog, but I am going to take a sabbatical of a few weeks, maybe longer.  Not sure how long.  I have been somewhat under the weather for the couple weeks.  Nothing serious, but I haven’t been able to get my creative juices going.

But, I have to admit, I may be getting a bit tired.  I am approaching my 80th birthday.  I have been blogging here since September of 2009 and this will be my 758th post.  In that period, I have received 145,995 hits, readers in 156 countries, and 11,174 visitors in just the past six months.  Of the top 1,000 birding blogs, mine is number 217.

Most importantly, I have met some very special people that have definitely changed my life.  That would not have happened if I hadn’t started this Texas Tweeties blog.  And, by the way, I can’t forget that it was another special person that talked me into starting this in the first place.

I have also gained friends in other countries.  I am thankful for all of the loyal readers that I have had.  I have enjoyed their comments and also enjoyed reading their blogs.

But, of course, this is not good-bye.  I hope to be back soon and someday post that 800th post before I “retire”.  So keep checking back.  You subscribers, of course, will get an e-mail notification when I resume.

26 thoughts on “Taking a few weeks off….

  1. We all need a break sometimes, Bob- and don’t worry if you feel like posting less than before, sometimes it’s a positive thing to change things up.

    Thanks for all of your great posts!

  2. I have been checking your blog and realized you weren’t posting. I have missed reading and then seeing your photos. Hope you will get to feeling better. Your birding friends….

  3. Bless you, Bob, and your wife. I know you will be back at it again. Have a nice rest-however long it lasts. I went out with a birding group last week and met three women who had just come back from a trip to Texas-I told them about you.

  4. I will miss your posts too, even if I do get to share a more intimate relationship with the Zeller’s. You are still one of the handful of the 100 or so blogs I follow that come straight to email — wouldn’t want to miss a single one! Even now, as I have to “find” a wifi sweet spot here in the most serene place in the country, I couldn’t resist coming to comment. Thank you for what you do for our Texas feathered friends. But mostly, thank you for being you.

    Love to you and Ann! — your partner in bird shooting and more, Shannon

    • Shannon, thank you so much for that wonderful comment. Of course, you know how I really feel, and Ann and I are thankful for becoming part of your family. Looking forward to many years of birding and just being great friends with you. 🙂

  5. Everyone needs to take a break sometime, Bob! Even if it’s to help you remember why you started doing something in the first place. WordPress is a great community and I have met some great friends this way, too. We’re all behind you, me included! 🙂 Enjoy your rest, and we wish you all the best.

  6. Had just started enjoying your great pictures, All the same, you need that rest. I hope to hear from you soon. Have a splendid rest!

  7. I will pray for a speedy recovery and wish you the best. Thank you for your wonderful art of photography and sharing of your knowledge. I look forward to your return. God bless.

  8. I think you deserve a bit of a break from blogging now and then. I don’t think you will rest when it comes to birding; after all, that addition to your life list may be in the next tree! Rest up, Bob, and get healthy again. I will miss your interesting and frequently “puny” posts but look forward to that refreshed Bob when it starts up again. You and Ann have quiet times and know you both are missed. hugs

  9. Dier Bob I wish you get really well very soon and I will be waiting for your new photos and posts with birds and I hope that you will meet here again sooner than we suppose.So take a break to rest to take a strenghth to be back very soon. The best wishes.:-)

  10. I hope that you’re feeling 100% soon! I’ll miss your posts, and it dawns on me now that I’ve never really thanked you for all of your help and advice that has helped me to improve my photos. So, here’s a big THANK YOU BOB!

  11. Bad blogger that I am, at least not getting around to reading everybody’s posts as much as I’d like, I have taken note of your absence and I can relate! It’s such a prodigious amount of work you have accomplished already and I hope I have half your energy. Rest up and enjoy. 🙂

  12. I truly understand…there are days I take time away from painting..Get well..you are definitely missed and have become a part of my family…via internet, blogs and wonderful photos..God Bless

  13. Bob, I was just thinking about you this very morning and was thinking to send you a message to see how you were doing! I do love your blog and all your wonderful photos, so I will certainly be visiting when you get a chance to post again. As a writer, I fully understand how sometimes the creative juices just aren’t there and the need to take a step back and rest. I pray for your return to full good health and that you and Ann will soon be enjoying many more birding adventures! Sending love and hugs from Michigan! ❤

  14. Well, my friend, I always enjoy reading your posts. They make the world a little more interesting each time. Take your break and we will see you when you return. Bye for now.

  15. Whoa, Nellie!

    While I hate to see yo take a Sabbatical, I fully understand the need to do so.

    Bob, I am unable to adequately express my admiration for you. You are great man who has brought countless hours of pleasure to so many of us.

    Thanks for being a Great Friend.

    And Funky Old Dude.

    Rest up and we’ll see you soon!

    Love to you and Ann.

    Toby and Family

    • Hey, Deb, you are that person that got me started here. I am feeling better but I just need to get that desire back to get my creative juices flowing again. Glad you miss me. 🙂

  16. My dear friend Bob, I wish you get well soon and the next time that you post again I’ll be the first one to view it. I appreciate you friendship and great sense of humor. Take care! 🙂

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