I’m Back…….With a quiz

I haven’t published a meaningful birding post since May 30, nearly a month ago.  Of course, I did notify my readers of that decision later in my last post on June 17, and then I was halfway through my so-called sabbatical.  I still will be cutting back on my posts, to probably only two or three per month.  We will see how that goes.

I am feeling much better, by the way, but still trying get a handle on getting my creative juices flowing again.  One suggestion from a dear friend and fellow blogger was to do something simple and entertaining, like one of the old quizzes I used to do in the past on occasions.  So I have come up with this tricky little test of your ID talents.  Just tell me what bird this, vote on the multiple choice poll, and comment if you like, and tell me why you think you are right.  You may click on the photo to enlarge it.

I will be back in about a week and give you the poop on what this little cutie is. 🙂IMG_8141-net-kinglet-ruby-bob-zeller

34 thoughts on “I’m Back…….With a quiz

  1. Hi Bob! Glad you are doing some better. Give yourself time and those creative juices will flow with abundance! I do miss your posts, photos & words both, but I could handle a couple a month – you are worth it….hugs

  2. I’ve tried to photog them myself..since my first canon sx5…. They are quite quick. I. Have enjoyed your blog ..take it at your own pace..there are no rules or expectations in blogging or birding

    • Thanks for visiting my blog and commenting, Julia. I hope you will return and do it again. Yes, those little birds are quick and elusive, but soon you will get it.

  3. I rifled through my field guide and decided it was a Ruby-Crowned Kinglet, and THEN saw your poll. I’m feeling pretty good about my vote then! And am glad you’re feeling good in general as well.

  4. Is this a trick question? I didn’t see Mohawk Mannikin as a choice. I’ll just have to guess then…

    PS — what a cutie! BTW, Scottie correctly ID’d the golden-crowned while hiking in the Tetons. Never could see the little rascal to get a snapshot, but you can bet we put that loud singer on our list!

    • Thanks for your vote, Roberta. Thanks for participating. I know which it is, of course, but I won’t reveal until the final poll results about a week from now.

  5. Definitely a ruby-crowned kinglet! The white eye-ring, wing bar against an olive-green/gray background and very small size (as well as the ruby crown which can’t always be seen) indicate that is what this little bugger is. Great shot, how fun. 🙂

    • Thanks, Sarah, and welcome to my blog. I enjoyed your comment, but of course, I can’t disclose whether you are right or wrong, but I am glad you stated your opinion and why. In about a week I will announce the final results. Of course, you can see the current results yourself by clicking on “see results”. I am glad you enjoyed this. I may do it again. 🙂

  6. Hi Bob, a while ago I was thinking of these quizzes and was going to ask you if you were gong to do them again-happy that you are.As for the creativity, go check out oopoomoo.com they have some great suggestions that might help. Or maybe do something completely different for a while when you are not doing posts. I am still wishing you and your family well.

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