NEW QUIZ – Test your duck knowledge

Okay, get out your bird guide books.   This quiz is to test your knowledge of ducks.  As before, have a good look at this photo and select what you think it is in the poll below.  If you would also like to comment, on why you think it is what you think it is, I would like to hear it.  Just type your words in the comment area below.  You may click on the image to see an enlargement for better viewing.





22 thoughts on “NEW QUIZ – Test your duck knowledge

  1. Getting out the guide book felt a bit like cheating to me, but I had to as this is not a duck I am familiar with! 🙂 Thanks for the quiz and expanding my knowledge, Bob!!

    • Heck, that is not cheating, Amy. That is what I want, for people to get their guides and do the research, and fall in love with birding. Hopefully, a new quiz in the offing in the future. 🙂

  2. Yes, I loved the “brunette” choice and thought at first “this is a “greater”? but alas, no.Keep bringing us the quizz, and thanks, Bob. This is fun and a great teaching tool.

  3. Hi, Bob. Ring-Necks have a blue bill with black tip and a little white ring around the black tip; plus a little white ‘stripe’ between the black chest and the greyish sides. Lesser Scaups have the black chest and black rear end with whitish/greyish back and belly, along with a ‘peaked’ appearance to the head, which has a purple irridescense. This guy’s a Lesser Scaup. (Greater Scaups tend to have a head with a greenish irridescense – though the lighting can play tricks with that one – and their bellies are more whitish than grayish. I worked on these guys a long time this past winter!!

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