Quiz – Do you know your Wrens??

Okay, I have a good one this time.  No funny stuff, and no trick questions.  Since this quiz has so many possibilities, I am going to let it run for a week to give you plenty of time to investigate your guide books, or to make your up mind as too which one you will take a guess at.

So let’s have at it.  What species of wren is pictured here?  Answer will be posted next Saturday, July 19, 2014.  You can click on the image to see an enlarged photo for closer viewing.


12 thoughts on “Quiz – Do you know your Wrens??

  1. I suspect my Eastern field guides limit my options for identifying your beautiful little friend, but I’m going with Rock Wren anyway. Fantastic shot, too.

    • You are probably right about the eastern field guide, but you will have to wait til next Saturday to find out for sure, Sid. Many thanks for participating in my quizzes. They are a lot of fun and I appreciate you. 🙂

  2. Well, Bob, you really made me do my research on this one! Especially since the only field guide I have here at home is for Eastern birds! I have made my vote after much contemplating of many different wren photos and comparing details. I don’t know how confident I am, but thanks for opening up my horizons!

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