Quiz Results – Black-crested Titmouse

Yes, folks it was a Black-crested Titmouse in that previous quiz.  Click here to see original post.

Results of the voting:

Black-crested Titmouse   99

Tufted Titmouse     45

All of the above      4

In a sense, everybody was right.  The Black-crested and the Tufted are hybrids of each other.  The Tufted Titmouse is found in most of the eastern United States.  The Black-crested Titmouse is found in central and west Texas.  The dividing line is somewhere down the center of Texas.  There are areas there that one may be able to see both.

We had 148 participants in this contest.  We get a few more with each quiz.  I am working on another and I will publish it in a few days.  Thanks to everyone that voted.

8 thoughts on “Quiz Results – Black-crested Titmouse

  1. A real challenge would be one of those photos you didn’t publish because it didn’t show the whole bird… ha ha! When I was taking birding classes Denis, the instructor, would always have a quiz the last day and he would line of photos he’d cut out of magazines, making them as difficult as possible, even though they were all birds we had seen in the class. Not trying to give you any ideas about torturing us like that though. 🙂

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