Come visit west Texas with me……

Today, I am going to get away from my usual subject of birds, and give you a sampling of the images of west Texas that you may see if you travel here.  These photos have been compiled over the past ten to twenty years, maybe more.  A few I may have posted before, but most of them should be new to you.  This post is best watched on your computer.  Click on any image to see enlargements.

1.  Twin Mountains.   Also called Twin Buttes and a few other imaginary names that the locals thought of.  It is located just outside the western city limits of San Angelo, Texas.

Twin Mounains (Twin Buttes)

Twin Mountains

2.  El Capitan.  Located in far west Texas, at the southern end of the Guadalupe Mountains.  The higher peak behind it is Guadalupe Peak, the highest point in Texas.

El Capitan

El Capitan

3.  Painted RocksAlong the Concho River near Paint Rock, Texas, for about one half mile, there are about 1,500 pictographs along the 75 foot high bluffs.  The age of some of them are estimated to be perhaps 1,000 years old.  I picked out one single area for this image, to have a close-up of one of the pictographs.

Pictographs at Paint Rock, Texas.

Pictographs at Paint Rock, Texas.

4.  Monahans State Park Sand Dunes.  On this particular day, the wind was fierce and these sunflowers were swaying in the strong breeze.

Sun flowers in the wind.

Sun flowers in the wind.

5.  Road to Nipple Peak.  No explanation needed for the naming of the mountain peak.  Near Robert Lee, Texas.

Road to Nipple Peak

Road to Nipple Peak

6.  Antelope at Blue Mountain.  This landmark mountain is between Marfa and Fort Davis, Texas.  The area is populated with several Pronghorned Antelope.

Pronghorned Antelope grazing near Blue Mountain.

Pronghorned Antelope grazing near Blue Mountain.

7. Mule Ears Peak at Dusk.  Aptly named mountain peak in Big Bend National Park.

Dusk at Mule Ears Peak

Dusk at Mule Ears Peak

8.  Pecos River High Bridge.  Located on Hwy 90 near Langtry, Texas, this 1,310 foot bridge spans the Pecos River Gorge 273 feet above the water.  This image faces north, but about two miles south of the bridge, the river meets it’s confluence with the Rio Grande.

Pecos River High Bridge

Pecos River High Bridge

9.  Ghost Town ruins.  Old adobe ruins near the ghost town of Terlingua Texas.

Ghost Town ruins at Terlingua, Texas.

Ghost Town ruins at Terlingua, Texas.

10.  Adobe house.  This structure is located on the Contrabando Movie Set near Lajitas, Texas.  Along the Rio Grande, this site has been the location for several western movies.

Casa Adobe

Casa Adobe

11.  West Texas Storm.  I caught this image of a building storm near Alpine, Texas.

West Texax thunder storm.

West Texas thunder storm.

12.  Wild Rose Pass.  This stunning vista greets you as you travel Hwy 17 going north from Fort Davis, Texas.

Wild Ross Pass

Wild Rose Pass

13.  West Texas windmill.  A familiar sight as you travel through the big sky ranch country of west Texas.

Windmill and stock tanks in west Texas.

Windmill and stock tanks in west Texas.

14.  Old Barn and Wagon.  Somewhere in west Texas.

Old Barn and Wagon

Old Barn and Wagon

15.  Mountains in the Mist.  I believe that I have posted this image in a previous post, but it is one of my personal favorites.  Photographed in Big Bend National Park, on a very cool and rainy day.

"Mountains in the Mist"

“Mountains in the Mist”

I hope you have enjoyed this little tour of my adopted home of west Texas.  Click on any image to see beautiful enlargements.  I will be traveling out through that area again during the next few months and I will be hoping to come back with another nice collection for you.





34 thoughts on “Come visit west Texas with me……

  1. Love all of can hear the cowboys as they move the cattle for roundup and smell the dust and dirt, along with the lonesome call of the coyote, and the cry of the Indians ….great have captured the West.

  2. Beautiful scenery. My favorites are El Capitan and Old Barn and Wagon. The Barn and Wagon remind me of a place I’d like to live; and I want to see Texas someday. I need to sing Karaoke there and perfect my line dancing moves.

  3. Wow! I love all these, Bob. Especially the mountains – what superb rock formations! And the gathering storm pic is really dramatic. Colin also says they are amazing! Is that a ‘ghost’ lorry on the bridge?

    • Thank you very much, Jo. I hope to get some more of those scenics between now and the end of the year. I agree, that semi-trailer truck, (lorry) certainly looks ghostly. 🙂

  4. Great photos as always Bob! Thanks for the tour of West Texas, it reminded me of how long it’s been since I was last there. Maybe you could show us some of your incredible shots of those magnificent San Angelo Water Lilies some time.

  5. I love your beautiful landscape shots of West Texas, Bob. Thanks for sharing them. You’ve reminded me again why West Texas is one of my favorite parts of the US.

  6. Great photos, just a few corrections needed for the text.
    Blue Mountain is to the west of 17 just south of Ft Davis, on the way to Marfa.
    Wild Rose Pass is north of Ft Davis on 17.

    • Thanks John, for the compliment. Also thanks for seeing those errors. As for Blue Mountain, I have been in the area several times, and should have remembered which highway it was on. And when I leave Fort Davis, heading back to San Angelo, I always felt I was heading east, when in fact Highway 17 does head straight north to meet up with the interstate 10.
      As a matter of fact, we are heading to Fort Davis one week from today on Sunday the 17th. We will be staying at the Davis Mountains Inn Bed and Breakfast.for three days. I hope to do some more photography in the area.
      (I have edited this post to make those corrections. Thanks again, John.

  7. Bob, Big Bend is truly a Texas treasure, as are YOU! Thanks for these beautiful photos. Can’t wait to see your book on Big Bend! (If you don’t have one in the works, you should.) Cheers, Denise

    • Thanks for those wonderful kind words, Denise. I may need to get a larger hat. :-). Seriously I do appreciate you. If I do another book, you will be one of the first to know. Actually, I have been considering doing a new bird book, although a much larger coffee table book version. So, now I have two new books to consider doing. Thanks for putting the Big Bend idea in my head. 🙂

  8. Nice photographs Bob. One of these days I will get down there to do some serious photography.
    Hey Bob, I finally decided to order a 70D to use on that Tamron lens. I struggled between a 6D, 7D and the 70D for 3 months now. I see what you get with that combination and I hope I can get close to your great bird photographs.

    • You won’t regret it, Gene. The 70D is a great camera. Believe it or not, I sold my two 7Ds and bought two 70Ds. Look me up if you ever head thus way. And thanks for your kind words.

  9. Positively breathtaking, Bob!! Thank you for these beautiful glimpses of a place I will most likely never see with my own eyes. Such gorgeous landscapes. Your photos are amazing! I can’t wait to see more from your upcoming travels!

  10. These images compound my feelings about the beautiful country from San Angelo westward. I’m going to try to talk the wife into visiting Big Bend early next Spring. Thanks for sharing your images and you can share them as often as you can. Be safe on your trip.

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