Special Note to my Readers

SPECIAL NOTE TO MY READERS:  You may have noticed that my blog posts were slow in coming the approximately four months.  You may have also seen my many references to my health.  It started about four months ago when my testosterone got too high and it caused my red cells to produce to a high rate.  That lead to reverse transfusions to drain off blood.  About the same time I had problems with my blood pressure raising out of sight.  That lead to having my blood pressure meds changed.  That new med, with a bunch of side effects was what caused me the many problems.  Constant light-headedness, disorientation, to feeling like I could pass out any minute.  I could never trust myself to walk very far.  I would have a day that I thought I was back to normal, then the following day it was reversed again.  The doctors would change the doses frequently, assuring me that I would get used to them and the side effects would be gone.

So, finally, after four months of ER visits, changing or adjusting meds, and many doctor visits, I feel like a normal human being.  But there were costs.  One was that I had to discourage a dear friend to not visit as she had planned back in mid-July.  I was unable to help Ann with the yard work, but she carried on without me.  I never knew on any given day, which Bob would show up.  I was not a happy person.  I was bothered with depression at times, having crying jags for no reason.

But that is all over now, and wish to thank all of you readers for your continued support and your get well wishes throughout my ordeal.

So now I am happy to be back to happy birding and blogging!!