Images from Memorial Day Weekend

The weather has been pretty un-settled in Texas as most of you know.  Consequently, my forays into the field to get photographs have been limited the past several days.  However, what I did get, I think you will enjoy.

This first one is of a Franklin’s Gull that I captured at  the now partially full O. C. Fisher Reservoir.  Ann and I had driven out to check on the new water level.  Far in the distance, we saw some birds in the air.  They were so tiny that I couldn’t make out what they were.  I hand-held my Canon 7D MkII and Tamron 150-600mm lens as steady as I could.  I managed to get the auto-focus locked on.  I squeezed he shutter and got this and several other images.  At home in the computer I enlarged the image so I could see what it was.

Franklin's Gull original photo from the camera, at 600mm.

Franklin’s Gull original photo from the camera, with a 600mm lens.  Before I took this shot, the bird was merely a dot with the naked eye.

Franklin's Gull - heavily cropped image

Franklin’s Gull – heavily cropped image

I love my camera setup.

From other areas of San Angelo State Park, I got these photos.

Common Nighthawk

Common Nighthawk

Northern Bobwhite

Northern Bobwhite

This morning we ventured out to Spring Creek Park, the site of severe damage from the storms that we have had.  It appears that there is still some unrest as the birds were not available in abundant numbers.  However, I did manage to the this nice image of a Bullock’s Oriole.

Bullock's Oriole

Bullock’s Oriole

I would like to mention that O. C. Fisher now has about 17,000 acre feet of water.  However, even though it now looks like a large lake, that is still only about 12% of what it could hold.  The capacity of the lake is 115,742 acre feet.

9 thoughts on “Images from Memorial Day Weekend

  1. a-maz-ing! Yes, you should love your set up. What a shot of the gull. The Bullock’s Oriole was posing for you. Thanks for posting what you can find in this turbulent spring. We need the rain but what comes with it is not so nice sometimes. hugs

  2. Fantastic shots, Bob, especially the gull! Amazing. Glad to hear you aren’t affected by the flooding but it sounds pretty horrific elsewhere. The weather is crazy. We have had one of our coldest springs (and probably windiest) so I’m hoping June will be more settled.

  3. I am sorry about the storm damage, but happy the reservoir is filling up! I have been praying for an end to the drought out west. Having been away from the television for the past week, I’ve not kept up with the weather around the country.

    Wonderful image of the bullocks oriole and whatever it has in its beak! Awesome! I know the rain is needed, but I hope birding conditions improve for you soon. How many species do you have on your 2015 list now, Bob?

    • Unfortunately, our drought isn’t over. It never is, but some years are better than others. The water we received in the lake will last maybe another 24 months. It was only 17,000 acre feet. That is only 12% of it’s capacity of 115,742 acre feet. But nevertheless, were are thankful to get what we can.

      Glad you like the Oriole. My 2015 list is now at 154. My goal is 210. Will I make it? Stay tuned….:-)

      • Amy, I might also add that we are about 200 miles away from that disastrous flooding. Our location is near the edge of the Chihuahuan Desert and deserts are notorious for being arid.

        • I am glad you are not near the disaster area! I had no idea the scope of the flooding until I saw the news this morning. Being in the northwoods, we don’t have television and only limited access to internet, so I was completely out of the loop. It would be nice if you could get the nice, steady rainfall and not the flooding that all just washes away!

          I am sure you will meet your 210 species goal! I will anxiously stay tuned, for sure!

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