Info on my DVD


I have been informed that first the shipment of my DVDs “The World of Bob Zeller – Outdoor Photographer”, will arrive by Monday or Tuesday.  I have seen the ‘proof’ copy.  I am amazed and I know that all of you will think it is awesome after you see it.  It is actually better than my book, as it contains 100 of my best photographic images, both birds, animals, landscapes and water lilies from the past few years.  Includes also, my bio and published credits.  BTW, the sound track is worth the price of admission.

Here is how to get your copy.  I do business the west Texas way.  With a handshake, in this case an e-handshake.  I can no longer afford the outrageous fees needed, so I do not accept credit cards, so please mail a check for 25.00, including shipping and applicable taxes, to me:  Bob Zeller, 4401 White Ash Ln., San Angelo, TX  76904-4528.  I will immediately ship you a copy by Priority Mail.  San Angelo residents the price is only 20.00 if I don’t need to ship.  I can deliver.

Give me your contact info: e-mail, mailing address, phone, etc..  If you prefer watching on a computer please specific a Windows PC edition.

If you don’t like it (and I highly doubt that) I will return your money.

I have been doing business this way for several years.  I have many loyal, trusting customers.

Thank you for your time.

Bob Zeller

Ph.  325-944-1839