Birding getting better…….

It must be the cooler temps that we have had the past few mornings.  Ann and I went out to the local parks for a few hours.  It might be my imagination, but there seemed to be more activity than we have had recently.  We saw 26 species.  Although not a great number, but it did include a few surprises.  A Blue-gray Gnatcatcher, three Yellow Warblers, a Carolina Wren, just to name a few that we don’t see everyday.

Here are some images that I managed to get.

Ann, my bride and spotter, saw this Green Heron across the water about 100 yards away.  I maneuvered our car around so I could park on the bank and shoot across the water.  The photo turned out great, thanks to my Canon EOS 7DmkII and my Tamron 150-600mm lens.  Heavily cropped, of course.

Green Heron

Green Heron

This Yellow-billed Cuckoo presented a challenge.  He and a companion were frolicking in the trees so I had to move the car several times to get into position, and he was far above my head..  For those of you who wonder why I didn’t get out of my car, the answer is that the birds don’t co-operate as well when I am visible.  The car makes an excellent bird blind.

Yellow-billed Cuckoo

Yellow-billed Cuckoo

We decided to drive out Spillway Road where we sometimes see nice bird activity.  Along the way, I spotted this juvenile male Painted Bunting.  I was disappointed that we didn’t see an adult male, but it was nice to be able to get this image.

juvenile male Painted Bunting

juvenile male Painted Bunting

Unfortunately the above three were the only acceptable (to me) images that I got.  Seeing 26 species doesn’t alway translate into photographs, I am sorry to say.  Most of the birds are either too far away, hidden in the trees, or flying by faster than I can get the camera off of my lap. 🙂

In my best Arnold Schwarznegger voice, “Owl be bach”. 🙂

9 thoughts on “Birding getting better…….

  1. Great pics, Bob! Interesting to see the juvenile Painted Bunting – I remember how amazing the adults are – and there’s something about that Cuckoo shot that I love. Either its pose or the composition or both!

    • Thanks, Jo. So glad you enjoyed them. I was disappointed that the adult male Painted Bunting was nowhere to be seen. The posture of the Cuckoo is unique. Always seems it’s beak is always pointed upward.

  2. Although we’ve been unable to do any actual birding for way too long now, we too have noticed an interesting increase in variety here at our place too. I’m not very good at rapid ID but I’ve seen and heard several species that if we had gotten the shot, they would be added to the list. (We don’t count ’em officially unless we get the shot)

    I think it probably is more weather related, it’s been a wet year too maybe that has something to do with it? But hey, It’s Texas! What’d ya expect?! 😉

    Ya’ll stay after it for all of us out here who WISH we could but can’t! I think it’s gonna be a special kind of migration this year. We can’t wait to see what you see!

    Doc’ & CJ

    • Thanks Doc and CJ. I appreciate you for commenting. I agree I think it is all weather relaated, and like, you I am curious how that will affect the migration.

      We don’t count them unless we can have definite confirmation, either from each other, or someone else. I guess that is why we are so far behind on our goal for 2016. It would take all the fun out of it if we cheated. 🙂

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