A Few More Weekend Highlights

Ann and I got out to the local parks this weekend.  With the cooler weather, low 90s for us, it was quite comfortable.  The birds are still a bit sparse but things are looking up.  Here are some highlights.  On Saturday we opted for a visit to San Angelo State Park.  This female Northern Bobwhite had just led her covey across the road, and I guess she hopped to this branch to make sure all was clear.

Northern Bobwhite - female

Northern Bobwhite – female

I am not a fan of the Starlings, but I thought this particular one was very pretty.

European Starling - winter adult

European Starling – winter adult

This morning we decided for a quick trip to the local parks.  There had been some rains during the night and the birds were still quiet.  But luck was with us.  At Middle Concho Park, we had, for the past week or so, observed a Swainson’s Hawk, either in flight or just short glances of him in the distance.  Today, Ann spotted him ahead of us, up in plain sight at the top of a tree.  I quickly pulled to the side of the road where I could get a good view of him.  In the first two shots, he was partially obscured by some branches near his face.  I had to pull the vehicle forward about three feet, and as I did, two huge RV motorhomes passed between me and the bird.  Fortunately, after they had passed the hawk was still there and I was able to get some very nice poses of him before he took flight.  This one of them.  The others I will save for another post.

Swainson's Hawk

Swainson’s Hawk

That is all for this short post.  Click on the images to see great enlargements.

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