A Very Birding Merry Christmas

First, I want to say Merry Christmas to all of my readers around the world.  Thanks to all who take the time to comment over the years.  I appreciate all of you.

Today, I just want to share with you a few images that I have captured over the past few days.  The weather has been very nice here in west Texas, albeit a bit windy.  But, personally, I will take mild temps and a bit of wind, over the cold winter days I remember from my childhood in Michigan.

We spent most of our time at Spring Creek and Middle Concho Parks near Lake Nasworthy.  By the way, I have been accused of training these birds to pose for me.  Not so. They seem to feel that I am some kind of a bird whisperer and are willing to co-operate. 🙂

One more thing, if you can click on the image, you will see some very nice enlargements, especially if you are reading this on a computer.

All photos were captured using my Canon EOS 7D Mark II with a Tamron 150-600mm super tele-zoom lens.  Hand-held and photographed from my 2016 Ford Escape mobile blind.

This juvenile White-crowned Sparrow posed nicely for me.

White-crowned Sparrow

White-crowned Sparrow

No birding trip can be complete without spotting one of our state birds, the Northern Mockingbird.

Northern Mockingbird

Northern Mockingbird

In Spring Creek Park, there was an abundance of Cedar Waxwings.  I found a water puddle where many of them were partaking of a sip or two.

Cedar Waxwing

Cedar Waxwing

On the water, there were a few American Coots, a duck that I usually take for granted and mostly ignore.

American Coot

American Coot

Along the shore, in the mud, we spotted this Wilson’s Snipe.  In the open, I didn’t need to go on a snipe hunt. 🙂

Wilson's Snipe

Wilson’s Snipe

Across the water, a good 200 yards away we saw this Black-crowned Night Heron, again out in the open.  For several previous days, we could see him in the denser brush, but not visible enough for photos.

Black-crowned Night Heron

Black-crowned Night Heron

A female Ladder-backed Woodpecker peering into her handiwork.

Ladder-backed Woodpecker - female

Ladder-backed Woodpecker – female

Along the fence line I got lucky to catch a Ruby-crowned Kinglet as he stopped for a split second on a branch.  They hardly ever sit still for long.

Ruby-crowned Kinglet

Ruby-crowned Kinglet

Another handsome Northern Mockingbird sat on the fence.

Northern Mockingbird

Northern Mockingbird

We were treated to many Yellow-rumped Warblers.  This one is of the Audubon variety.

Yellow-rumped Warbler - Audubon variety

Yellow-rumped Warbler – Audubon variety

This American Goldfinch took my by surprise.

American Goldfinch

American Goldfinch

A Ladder-backed Woodpecker seemed to be contemplating a blade of grass.  I wonder what that was all about.

Ladder-backed Woodpecker

Ladder-backed Woodpecker

So that’s it for this time around.  Again, a very Merry Christmas to all of my friends, relatives, and fellow bloggers.

‘Til the next time, Happy Birding!

30 thoughts on “A Very Birding Merry Christmas

  1. From our home to you and yours, Merry Christmas Bob & Ann and many thanks for all of the great photos! How’s the count going now? I hope you at least got close to your goal if you haven’t already exceeded it!

    • Hi guys, so nice to hear from you. Merry Christmas to you, too. My count is only at 185, about 25 short of my goal of 210. Too many health problems this year made us curtail some of our trips. But now that I am healthy, maybe we can reach it in 2016. 🙂

  2. Such beautiful photos, Bob, and the Yellow-rumped Warbler is a stunning shot. A very Merry Christmas to you and Ann! Thank you for sharing your adventures over the past year – always a delight to read.

  3. Thanks for your entertaining blogs throughout the year, Bob. Merry Christmas to you and Ann and a Happy New Year from Anne and Me.

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