Great day of birding? Owl say!!!!

What a great day of birding Ann and I had today!  In the end we saw a total of 47 species.  For us here in San Angelo, that is a fine total.  We birded for only five hours, from 7:00AM until noon.  But what was great for me, I came away with some fine photos that I am about to show you.  Of course, I didn’t photograph all forty-seven species.  Dream on, Bob, dream on.

We began the day at the far southern edge of Spring Creek Park, where we saw that rare Gray Catbird that has been hanging around there.  I almost spilled my coffee grabbing for my camera, as we had just arrived at that spot.  I missed the shot, save for a blurred one for identification.  It looks like we were in for an exciting day.

I started munching on my burrito that I had picked up at Jack and Jill Donut Shop.  Things quieted for a bit so I had time to finish that.  Then an Orange-crowned Warbler showed up.  I had my Canon 7D Mark II and Tamron 150-600mm lens ready and I rested it on my bean bag window rest and came away with an acceptable photo.

Orange-crowned Warbler

Orange-crowned Warbler

Then a Black-crested Titmouse showed itself in a nearby tree.  I looked like it had a hard time surviving the wind we had lately.

Black-crested Titmouse

Black-crested Titmouse

We stayed in that area for about 45 minutes, giving me time to scarf down that burrito and finish my coffee.  Things started to dwindle off.  We had seen several species by that time, mainly Northern Mockingbirds and Yellow-rumped Warblers.  We cruised along the bank of the water and spotted this juvenile Black-crowned Night Heron across on the other side.  I managed to get this photograph.  I am rather proud of it, if I do say so myself. 🙂

Black-crowned Night Heron - juvenile

Black-crowned Night Heron – juvenile

By then the light was getting better.  There was a high thin cloud cover.  Excellent for photography.  We decided to check on the Great Horned Owl’s nest that we had spotted a couple of days ago.  As usual the male was about 100 yards away guarding the area……..

Great Horned Owl

Great Horned Owl

………when it wasn’t falling asleep…….

Great Horned Owl

Great Horned Owl

Here is a look at the female peeking out of the nest in another nearby tree.  I think she is looking at her spouse, hoping he would be awake if called upon.  By the way, for these photos, I left the car, setting my camera on a tripod.

Great Horned Owl - female on nest.

Great Horned Owl – female on nest.

We decided to take our leave.  We had enough photos and I didn’t want to draw a crowd, so we quietly left and headed for Middle Concho Park.

On the way, as we drove out Red Bluff Road, we spotted this Osprey in a tree over looking a large pond.  It was having it’s breakfast, too.  A fish of some kind.  I managed to get off of the road, into a spot where I could get a photo from my car window.



We drove on into the park and immediately saw some White-crowned Sparrows, Curve-billed Thrashers and several Western Meadowlarks.

Western Meadowlark

Western Meadowlark

Continuing on through the park, a hawk flew over the car, into a Live Oak tree.  That got my attention and I was determined to get a photo.  Of course, immediately it took off, but we were able to track it down to another tree and I got a photograph of from it’s back side.  It turned out to be a Cooper’s Hawk. I was hoping it would be a Sharp-shinned Hawk, but the flattish head and the eye that was set forward told me otherwise.

Cooper's Hawk

Cooper’s Hawk

Farther on this, Vermilion Flycatcher lit in a nearby tree branch.

Vermilion Flycatcher

Vermilion Flycatcher

By this time were about finished for the day and decided to head for the house.  On the way out, we checked on the Osprey and it must have been satisfied with it’s meal, as it was now just resting a bit.  Just what Ann and I needed after a successful birding day.



I hope you enjoyed the photos and my narrative.  Click on any image to see enlargements.


Happy Birding!!


21 thoughts on “Great day of birding? Owl say!!!!

  1. Owl say you and Ann had a super day!! The meadowlark in the little tiny yellow flowers is just stunning but the little titmouse needs a spa day! Thanks for sharing the day with me,,,and keep up those puns – someone has to provide groan material!! hugs

  2. You did have a fantastic day! Congrats! I’m on a birding trip this weekend. I saw 50 species today. I was thrilled so I know how you felt. I was on the lookout for a vermillion fly catcher but didn’t see one. So I’m jealous of your photos. Great photos today!

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