Say it isn’t so, Bob, say it isn’t so…….

Well sorry to say, it is so.  I am suspending my blog, at least for a short period.  You might say I am taking a sabbatical for several weeks, perhaps a couple of months.  I am undergoing a series of procedures to cure some skin cancer on my face and neck.  I am hoping to get back to work by the end of April, as Ann and I want to spend a few days in the Davis Mountains during the first week of May.

Because of this, I obviously need to keep myself out of the sun as much as possible.  My face looks like it has been run over by a garbage truck with a full load.  It is very uncomfortable, and that makes it hard for me to concentrate on anything to do with writing creatively.  I do hope to get outdoors anyway, perhaps earlier in the day, or when it is cloudier.  I am not fit right now to be seen in public.  But in the end, it will be worth the discomfort.

Anyway, to ease your disappointment, I have a few images from the past couple of weeks that I will show you here.  Click on any photo to see an enlargement.

Burrowing Owl

American Kestrel

Ruby-crowned Kinglet

Carolina Wren

Red-breasted Nuthatch

Red-winged Blackbird – female

American Robin in early morning light.

Horned Lark

Osprey, with lunch

Red-tailed Hawk

Great Horned Owl – peeking from behind a freshly cut branch.

So there you have it, something to hold you over for a few weeks.  See ya then….

Happy Birding.

44 thoughts on “Say it isn’t so, Bob, say it isn’t so…….

  1. Praying for you, Bob. You are a great encouragement to me…and provided an abundance of sound advice! Now…get back here soon…you will be missed. But, I can’t wait to see what you have for us when you return. See you soon!

    • Hi Steve, great to hear from you. I am feeling almost perfect again, so look for a post soon. So glad you are still following me, and I see you are still producing some great images yourself.

  2. Bob, I’ve also had that treatment a couple of times. I used an over the counter anti-itch cream and it really helped me cope. As uncomfortable as it is, it sure beats dealing with melanoma so I am glad there is this treatment.

    The weather is great right now: maybe you and Ann still get out an ride around when the sun is not so intense in the early mornings. That’s what I did and my doctor said it was okay. I get cabin fever if I don’t get outside daily.

    Best wishes for a speedy recovery, Bob!

    • Hi,Rick. Thank you for telling me about what you treated with. I want to do what is right, as you are correct, anything beats dealing with melanoma. I may send you an e-mail.:-)

  3. Loved the Wren Bob. So sorry to hear of your medical problem. Hoping for good treatment & an early recovery.

  4. I am so sorry you are having skin cancers removed!!! My husband went through that last year and it is not fun !! I will really miss your blog but do understand!!! Rest and take it easy so you can make that trip and so we will be able to see more photos again!!!

  5. I hope you get to feeling better real soon Bob! I love your photos and will miss my daily beauty from San Angelo…

  6. I have personally been through a lot of skin cancer, you have my sympathy. Besides looking like a burn victim, the result will be so clear- besides , what could change that pretty face—-lol.

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