Catching up again.

Well, here it is the fifth of June already.  My sale on Saturday went pretty well.  I sold many photographs, but I still have many left.  I am talking about my excess of framed photos that were taking up space in my storage area.  But I met and made new friends, some that had been unaware of my work.  Also, I have found that I have many more new readers that have logged onto this blog.  I welcome you.

For you newbies that are reading this, at the top of the page you can see several buttons that link articles about me and my various adventures.  Check them out.  I think you will enjoy them.  I wrote them all, and I am impressed, too.  I have some new photos to share here today, and I hope they impress you as well.  Click one any of them to see some beautiful enlargements.

My favorite bird to watch for in the spring, the Painted Bunting.  One of the most beautiful birds in the state of Texas, and one of the most sought out by birders and bird photographers.  I think this is one of my best of that specie.  But I often say that every time I photograph one.  I am always happy when they make their spring arrival.

Painted Bunting

The Blue Grosbeak is one that I always anxious to see each year.

Blue Grosbeak

This Yellow Warbler flew into our bird blind at San Angelo State Park.  The first of the year for me.

Yellow Warbler

The Golden-fronted Woodpecker is the predominant woodpecker in the San Angelo area.  I am always impressed with the brilliant coloring of the male.  The female is absent of the little red crown.

Golden-fronted Woodpecker

This Great-crested Flycatcher is the first one that I had ever seen close enough to photograph.  They are rare in this area, but they can be found with careful searching.  It easy to confuse them with Ash-throated Flycatcher that are plentiful here.

Great-crested Flycatcher

So that is all for this writing.  Of course, I will be hitting the field again the next several days, in my never-ending quest for more photographs.  So watch for another post in a few days.

In the meantime, I have prints available for all of the images you see on this blog.  If you are interested, just contact me at  If you are one of my bird coffee mug collectors, click here to see what I have added.  Just click the one you like and purchase information will appear.

’til the next time, Happy Birding!!





20 thoughts on “Catching up again.

  1. These are great finds and beautiful pictures. Thank you for sharing. I have heard a painted bunting, but have yet to lay my eyes on one or better yet photograph one. Fingers crossed, I will get one this year. Check my wordpress out if your interested;

    • Thanks for your kind words. The Painted Buntings are mostly in Texas and Florida, but I have heard they have been seen in other southeast areas, too. I hope you get to see one in your travels.

      • I live in Clearwater, FL so they do come through this area. I can general hear them, but finding these little guys can be a trick. They mostly reside down in the thick shubs.

        • That’s good, now that you have told me where you live. Here we sometimes see them singing on the top of a tree. So tiny, that I didn’t realize what it was until i put the binoculars on it. By the way, I like your blog. I hope to see some of your photos there.

        • Working on my blog today. I have a bunch of pics to post from a recent trip to Arizona and Hawaii, but it is such a nice day I might grab the camera and go for walk. Will see 🙂

  2. So glad that I found your blog. These photos are amazing. I love to create silk birds jewelries using the photos, so its the perfect place to get a huge portion of inspiration)

  3. Congratulations on your sale and meeting some of your readers, I think that would be fun. I always enjoy seeing your photos of the painted Bunting, nothing like that here in Alberta. Your image of the Yellow Warbler is spot-on! Going to get out this weekend and looking forward to it.

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