And another year begins…….

It has been eight years since I wrote my first post to this blog.  My first article was posted in September of 2009.  In that eight years, I have written 968 posts…..this one is number 969.  Hopefully, I can reach the 1,000th soon.  My blog has been viewed 222,164 times as of this writing, reaching readers in 168 countries.

Coincidentally, I also begin my 84th year on this planet, as today is my 83rd birthday. No applause, please.  It is just another passing milestone.  I am enjoying writing this now as much as I did when first started back in September of 2009.  I never dreamed that I would get this far, but here I am.

Okay, enough about celebrating.  Here are a few photos that I captured since my last post.  I hope you enjoy.

This Belted Kingfisher was along the shoreline of Lake O. C. Fisher at San Angelo State Park.


Belted Kingfisher

I love photographing raptors, and this Cooper’s Hawk posed nicely for me in the trees.


Cooper’s Hawk

The Great Kiskadees are back for another winter.  They normally are out of range here in Tom Green County.  However, 3 or 4 of them arrived a year ago and stayed all of last winter near Spring Creek Park.  Now, here again on almost a year later exactly, we spotted three again.  Perhaps the same as last year.  I have no way of knowing with certainty.


Great Kiskadee

During a drive around San Angelo State Park, this young armadillo showed off for us.


Nine-banded Armadillo

As I said, I love photographing raptors.  This a juvenile Swainson’s Hawk.


Swainson’s Hawk, juvenile

How about an Osprey, another raptor.



Egyptian Geese are not on the official American Birding Association list.  However, they are a strange looking bird.


Egyptian Goose

Swainson’s Hawk, adult.


Swainson’s Hawk

It is always a task, trying to photograph the tiny birds such as this Wilson’s Warbler, but very rewarding.


Wilson’s Warbler

And who can resist these tiny, feisty American Kestrels.  They are difficult to get in my viewfinder, as they move from one spot to another quickly.


American Kestrel

Well, I guess that is about it for this post.  I hope you enjoyed my photos.  Now I believe I will celebrate my birthday the rest of the day. 🙂

46 thoughts on “And another year begins…….

  1. Happy Birthday Mr. Zeller. I am aware of the beautiful cacophony of bird conversations outside my window. Your pictures will help me with visually identifying these beauties. Thank you for staying true to your blogs. I have just begun my blogging and want to stay true to my writing passion. Ck me out sometime.

  2. On a visit to San Angelo years ago, Bob, you gave me great beginner’s advice on my new retirement hobby, photography. I continue to learn from you via your blog posts. Keep ’em coming. Wishing you a happy birthday and many more of them.

    • I remember that, Dwynn. I am glad you are enjoying my posts. I hope to write many more. Why don’t you make another trip to San Angelo. It would be nice to see you again. 🙂

  3. Thank you for sharing your bird findings, especially in the San Angelo area! And Happy Birthday — enjoy the rest of your day!!

  4. Thank you for sharing your neat bird findings, especially in the San Angelo area! And Happy Birthday — enjoy your day!!

  5. OK, number one was there and I think I will read all 969. Should keep me busy; maybe it will be a cold snowy winter! hugs

  6. Oh happy birthday and happy blog anniversary! I am checking to see if the archives go back to 2009. Such joy seeing the world through your camera.. To 1000 and beyond!!!! hugs

  7. Bob, I live a long way from you but I read your Tweeties each time I receive one. I especially like the Armadillo. I live in Washington State and I have never seen an Armadillo. Keep up the good work. Gary, Chelan, Wa.

    Sent from my iPad

    • Thank you for writing, Gary. I am so glad that you enjoy my posts. I hope that someday you can visit Texas. I can’t promise you will see an armadillo, as they don’t like to be seen, but we can give it a try. 🙂

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