Creepy Creeping Creepers

Tuesday we were back at it, trolling Spring Creek Park here in San Angelo, on the hunt for wildlife.  Another beautiful day in west Texas.

This time the day started out a bit slow, but then we hit the brushy side of the park and the little birds came alive.  I was busy trying to get a Dark-eyed Junco in focus when Ann called out from her position in the back seat.  “There’s a creeper.”  Yes, a Brown Creeper, one of the most difficult birds to spot and photograph.

It is difficult to spot them.  You have to be lucky enough, to catch their movement.  I don’t know if I have seen flying overhead.  They like to scurry up a trunk of a tree in a spiral, going around and around the bark.  When the reach the top, they fly back down to the bottom of the next tree and repeat their maneuver.

Photographing them is another matter.  Their constant movement makes it difficult to keep it in the viewfinder, let alone keep it in focus.  But, some days, all the stars and planets are aligned and I get lucky.  I set my camera on high speed, about 10 shots per second, set my single spot focus when I saw him at the bottom, then tracked him to the top.  After missing about 50 shots, I finally nailed these two.


Brown Creeper


Brown Creeper

Not too bad for an old man, if I do say so myself.

The rest of the morning was pretty uneventful so we headed back to the house to await another day.

Until that day,


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