Funny Name…..Pretty Bird

There is a pretty bird that resides out here in west Texas that really gets your attention, both in appearance and the name.  I am talking about the Pyrrhuloxia.  It is pronounced Pi-ro-lox’-ia.  I posted a photo in my previous post, and now I have another that I captured yesterday morning.  It is one of my favorite birds to photograph.



We were at Spring Creek Park near Lake Nasworthy, when it was spotted.  While we were there I also captured this image of another Ruby-crowned Kinglet.  If you look close you can see a bit of the red crown peeking through.  They are feisty little birds and I love the challenge of photographing them.


Ruby-crowned Kinglet

Cruising through the park again, we had to check out a large live oak tree.  There is a Great Horned Owl that likes to roost in it.  He not there all the time, but it pays to check it out on a regular basis.  This day, he was there.  This time he was barely visible.  I circled the tree for the best vantage for an open shot.  This image below was the best.  Any other position his face was hidden.


Great Horned Owl

It was a bit on the cool side and the wind, though not very strong, was out of the Northwest.  I guess it kept most of the birds down in the shelter of the grasses.  But, I feel I had a good session, if I could come away with a good photo or two.

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book cover

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15 thoughts on “Funny Name…..Pretty Bird

  1. That first bird is a beauty, Bob – I didn’t even realize there was such a variety of birds in the west part of the state. Not that I catch sight of any great variety here in Austin, lol, just pleasantly surprised 🙂

    • Thank you very much for your kind words, Felipe. There are also birds in Austin, that we don’t get out here. But, yes, there are some unique birds out here in west Texas. Come see them. 🙂

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