YEE HAW!! Rodeo Time in San Angelo

This is the time when the rodeo and stock show gets into swing.  Our rodeo runs for a couple weeks with about ten performances.  Plus we have a parade and of course, a carnival at the fairgrounds.  Great fun for everyone.  I did take my camera out there one year.  I sat in the stands with an original Canon 100-400mm zoom lens.  After leaning around the guy in front of me with his ten-gallon hat, I was able to get this shot.


Bull Rider

But, the birding goes on.  Here are a few shots I have captured since my last post a few days ago.

We have friends down in Eldorado, Texas, about 40 miles south of San Angelo.  Suzanne Johnson called us and said that a Greater Scaup had been seen at the city water ponds there.  We high-tailed down there Monday morning.  We saw several water birds; ruddy ducks, shovelers, coots, pintails,  a Lesser Scaup, but no Greater Scaup.  However, it was fun spotting this Marsh Wren, that was co-operating by hopping around in plain view outside the reeds.  Here are two of my favorite images of him.


Marsh Wren


Marsh Wren


Those two images were the only keepers that I got on that little trip.

This morning, Thursday, we woke early hoping to get some birding in before the predicted winds got up.  It was very cloudy and it looked like a threat of rain but that didn’t materialize.  But to me, cloudy overcast makes for great photography.  But on the other hand, it can also keep the birds down when it is cool like this morning at 41 degrees.  But we made the best of it.  I managed to get these nice photos.  I hope you like.


Northern Cardinal


Golden-fronted Woodpecker


Ladder-backed Woodpecker

I guess that will do it for this post.  Hopefully, I will be going back out in a few days to grab a few more photographs.

Incidentally, on the birding side, Ann and I have seen 86 different species to begin our quest to see how many different birds we will see for the year.  Our goal is 200.

Also, I should also say that my new book, “My World of Nature”, 52 page soft-cover, of some of my best images, is doing very well.  Contact me at for prices.  Click this link to preview it:



8 thoughts on “YEE HAW!! Rodeo Time in San Angelo

  1. Ride ’em cowboy! Oh, wait, just watch ’em ride and get some more great rodeo shots! The little wren is perfect and the cardinal jumped off the screen! I think this is also your woodpecker year! Thanks for the post and folks, the book is beautiful! (I will just get that buck for the book plug next time I see you Bob!) hugs to you and Ann

    • Thanks for the great comment, Beth. You may be right about the woodpeckers. It seems like I have had many opportunities to photograph them this year. I am glad you like the book. Hugs back at ya 🙂

  2. Your photos are wonderful, Bob. The little Marsh Wren is a prize. Thanks for sharing with us. Marcy in Northern Ca.

    • Thank you for the compliments and for commenting, Marcy. It’s always nice to hear from my readers. Glad you like the Marsh Wren. I think it is the best photo I have ever gotten of that little bird. 🙂

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