Owl be seeing you…….

Okay, so the titles of my posts get a little corny, but I have to get your attention. 🙂

Ann and I went to Spring Creek Park, here in San Angelo, a few mornings ago.  One of the first things we do is to check out this huge live oak tree.  Half the time there is a Great Horned Owl hanging out there.  Sometimes his spouse joins him and this is one of those days.  We circled the tree from about 20 yards out.  We eventually spotted the male, but he was back in the branches, partially hidden.  I gave up on trying to get a good photo, and started to drive away.  As we did, we were startled to see the female take wing from another part of the tree.  We hadn’t realized she was even sitting in there.

Anyway, we watched as she flew low under other trees in the park and eventually came to rest on some dead limbs of another tree, 500 yards away from her initial perch.  We had a good view of her, and noticed that she was out in the open, about 30 feet above the ground.  We drove over to that location, being careful to not flush her.  We kept our distance, and stopped about 35 yards away where I had a good angle to photograph her.  With my long 150-600mm lens, I do not need to get close with my mobile blind, (My Ford Escape).   She was pretty much back-lit, but the skies were overcast so it made the job easier.  But I was able to correct that in editing.  Here is the result of that confrontation.


Great Horned Owl

After that fun experience, we decided to see what else there was to see.  We drove down near a favorite reedy area on the water.  We are rewarded to see a Common Yellowthroat fly up into a nearby tree.  They are one of my favorite of the little birds.  A very shy bird, I was fortunate to catch it in the open.


Common Yellowthroat

Another bird that is seen in great numbers around here this time of year is the Yellow-rumped Warbler.  We saw this one in another tree.  They move around a lot so it is difficult to catch one sitting very long.  I like the pose of this one.


Yellow-rumped Warbler (Myrtle variety)

The sparrows are my nemesis.  I have difficulty with the identification of most of them.  So it was with this Rufous-crowned Sparrow.  I had a suspicion that was what it was when I took the photo, but I took to Facebook to get confirmation from some birding friends.  We spotted it in Spring Creek Park amongst the trees.


Rufous-crowned Sparrow

Those were the only “keepers” of that little foray into the wild.  I’ll be back again in a few days with more.

Until then, HAPPY BIRDING!!!

8 thoughts on “Owl be seeing you…….

  1. Aha!! Pun time in 2019!! Beautiful birds whoooo (hehe) seemed to pose for you. Thanks for sharing Bob and Ann. You got a chuckle and a smile from me! hugs

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