Nicer weather prevailing…….for now

The weather is about to get cooler here in San Angelo again.  But the past week or so there have been some spring-like temperatures.  I managed to get out a few times and with help of my wife, spotted a few birds to photograph.  I like having her along, as it is nice to have that extra pair of eyes when I am driving.

This female Norther Flicker was spotted as we drove out Spillway Road toward the Nature Trail.  As I can’t do much hiking anymore, I don’t walk the trail.  But near the entrance we can usually see many species.  The flicker was about 150 yards away and I wasn’t sure if I could get a decent photograph.  But my Canon 7D MKII and Tamron 150-600mm lens came through for me.  Of course, like most of my long range photos, it is heavily cropped.


Northern Flicker

This Northern Cardinal was in the same area.  As you can see, he was facing into the early morning sun.


Northern Cardinal

Back into Spring Creek Park we were driving around the familiar horseshoe drive.  It is a one-way drive, but because I am usually the only person in the park, I drive it backward.  That puts the water on my driver’s side, making photographs much easier.  I don’t have to get out of the car, avoiding flushing the birds.  So, that is how I came about shooting the nice photo of a Great Egret.


Great Egret

Getting away from the water, we found this Grasshopper Sparrow in the brush.


Grasshopper Sparrow

These meadowlarks are around in great numbers.  Easily seen as you drive through the countryside and the state park.  As you can see, I prefer photographing birds in their natural habitat.  I don’t mind having the twigs, leaves, etc. in my photos, as long as the birds are easily identifiable.


Western Meadowlark

I hope you enjoyed this post.  It may be a few days until the next one, as the weather is getting colder for a bit.  Of course, that usually doesn’t prevent me from getting out, but since I have a few domestic chores to attend to………..well, you know how that is. 🙂  But I appreciate all of my readers that stay with me.

So….until then, HAPPY BIRDING!!!