The Feisty Titmouse….and more

In Texas there basically two Titmouse species,; the Tufted, found in the eastern part of the state, and the Black-crested that hangs out in the western part.  So here in the San Angelo area you will find the Black-crested Titmouse the year around.  A very feisty bird, I have seen many a licensed bird-bander get his hands scratched when trying to retrieve one from the mist nets that they use to trap them.  Trying to photograph one, is a feat in itself.  A fast moving bird in the brush, it is hard to keep in the viewfinder of a camera.

However, I have met the challenge several times.  Here are a few images of one that I got recently in the past week.


Black-crested Titmouse


Black-crested Titmouse


Black-crested Titmouse

Besides getting photos of the titmice, I found many more photo opportunities.

Everybody loves the Great Roadrunner.


Great Roadrunner

Western Meadowlarks have are around in great numbers.  I happened to see this one in a tree.  Not unusual, but I see most of them on the ground.


Western Meadowlark

The Canyon Towhee, while not a really colorful bird, does have a certain beauty of it’s own.


Canyon Towhee

The black-masked Loggerhead Shrike is another nasty bird.  Also know as the ‘butcher bird’, it captures it’s prey, then impales it on thorns or barbed wire to save it for a later meal.


Loggerhead Shrike

American Robin, as American as apple pie and Chevrolet.  Always a harbinger of spring.


American Robin

The Great Blue Heron; one of my favorite birds to photograph.  They can always be found around our local rivers and lakes.  It is always a nice thing to catch one in perfect light, such as this one.  About 150 yards away across the water, I think this is one of my personal favorites.


Great Blue Heron

Osprey.  I love to photograph the raptors, and the Osprey is no exception.  This one gave me a nice frontal view.



The Say’s Phoebe is not a rare bird here, but neither is it a bird that has a large presence, so it is nice to come up on one.  A birder friend gave me a tip on where to find this one.  I went to that location, played his song on my iPad app, and he presented himself for this photo.  I love it when it is this easy.


Say’s Phoebe

Well, I hope you enjoyed this latest collection.  I want to thank you readers and my Facebook friends, that comment so very favorably on my photography.  It is what keeps me excited about writing these posts.  So keep those letters and comments coming in. 🙂

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I’ll be back in a few days.  Until then………HAPPY BIRDING!!!